Nomad-Friendly Nations: Spain And Top Nine Countries For Seamless Work And Travel

Since the launch of its digital nomad visa in early 2023, Spain has surpassed several countries that have been offering such visas for years.


China Grants Visa-Free Entry To Six Countries, Including Malaysia

China is set to open visa-free entry to citizens of Malaysia and five other nations for tourism, business, transit and visiting relatives.


Explore And Work: Peru Paves The Way For Digital Nomads With Visa Offering

Peru is set to launch its digital nomad visa, inviting remote workers to create workspaces in this South American paradise.


Golden Visas: Your Gateway To Residency In These Countries

If you have been pondering over getting a residence permit or citizenship in another country, you can get a Golden Visa from these nations.


Is Your Country Among The 111 Nations That Get Visa-Free Access To The UK? Find Out Here

Passport holders of this list of 111 countries enjoy visiting the UK visa-free, thanks to the visa policies set by the British government.


Multiple Entry And 90-Day Validity: All About Vietnam's E-Visa Updates

One of the hottest tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is extending the validity of its e-visa to make your travel better.


Here's Why The Latest Trend Of Visa Shopping May Not Be Good For Your European Vacation

Planning to travel to Europe? If yes, you should know what visa shopping is and how is it bad for your vacation. Read on to know more.


Canada Announces Visa-Free Travel For 13 Countries, Including Thailand

Canada’s immigration services have announced 13 countries that no longer require a Temporary Residence Visa to visit the country.


What Makes Malaysia's Digital Nomad Visa One Of The Best For Remote Workers & How To Apply

Launched in 2022, Malaysia's digital nomad visa is known as DE Rantau Nomad Visa and grants stay for up to 12 months.


This Saudi Arabian Airline Will Soon Provide A Free Four-Day Visa With The Ticket

People flying via SAUDIA airline will soon enjoy a free four-day visa to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with their ticket.

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