Dining The Best Vegan Snack Stores In Bangkok To Visit This Veganuary

The Best Vegan Snack Stores In Bangkok To Visit This Veganuary

For all the vegans out there, we bring you the best of vegan and alternative snack stores to fix your daily snack cravings in Bangkok.


By chayanin Published on Jan 25, 2023, 02:30 PM

The Best Vegan Snack Stores In Bangkok To Visit This Veganuary
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Veganuary is on its last leg now, but that does not mean you cannot continue with a healthy lifestyle. In this story, we’re looking to pinpoint vegan and alternative snack stores to fix your daily snack cravings the healthy way.

Veganuary is a great way to get acquainted with veganism (or at least, vegan cuisine). It is also a great time to explore meatless alternatives for your favourite eats, and educate yourself a bit more on plant-based eating. And through this piece, we aim at spotlighting vegetarian and/or vegan dishes and places available around Thailand. Herbivores, we intend to keep you updated with all the plant-based offerings in town. Omnivores, we encourage you to go meatless at least once a week — if you don’t already. Trust us, veganism as a movement is catching on with the world.

Whilst it’s important to take care of yourself, it’s equally important to take care of the planet. So, in this story, we’re listing the grocery stores that gather vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, ketogenic, and more food and snacks in one place. These places provide snacks and meal boxes that cater to different dietary preferences, with the goal to bring their customers towards a more holistic and healthier eating routine. Read on to find six vegan snack shops in Bangkok.

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The best vegan snack stores in Bangkok

Baimiang Healthy Shop is a go-to for all non-dairy, vegan, gluten-free and keto-friendly snacks and food. You can find anything from a low-calorie, vegetarian meal box to a plant-based protein shake. Moreover, organic and cruelty-free beauty and home products are also sold here, from shower gel to floor cleaners.

Baimiang shop has 19 branches around Bangkok.

[Image credit: Baimiang Healthy Shop]

Nubkcal branches are mostly dispersed on the Thonburi side of Bangkok, so Thonburian peeps listen close. The store has over 200 brands of healthy goodies, whether food, bakery, drinks, snacks, or even seasoning. Freshly cooked meal boxes are delivered everyday, whilst the list for alternative desserts and bakeries are too many to count. Vegan tofu waffles, ketogenic sponge rolls, vegan banana bread, and several more are also available.

Nubkcal has 8 branches around Bangkok, all on Thonburi side.

[Image credit: Nubkcal]

Box Box Health+ is a compact store that you can find mostly in large shopping malls in central Bangkok. Plenty of lunch boxes are available, but the store is heavier on the ready-to-eat snacks and bakeries, including for instance vegan breadsticks, vegan veggie snacks, soy protein crisps, and crispy deep fried veggies.

Box Box Health+ has 4 branches around Bangkok.

[Image credit: Box Box Health+]

Located in Talat Phlu neighbourhood, At Talatphlu is a friendly health-centric snack shop that brings in fresh sweets and savouries every day. Although the shop doesn’t provide as many vegan and vegetarian options as the others, there are still a lot of alternative staples to choose from, such as pre-cooked sausages, dairy-free cheese pies, plant-based milk tea, ketogenic fish balls, and more.

At Talatphlu is located in Talat Phlu district.

[Image credit: At Talatphlu]

Loaded with lots of bakery items and sweet treats, the clean space of Nature Farm & Cafe is a heaven for all dessert people. The options are plenty, like gluten and dairy-free banana cake, ketogenic almond bars, dairy-free carrot cake, and vegan apple oat bar. Seasonal goodies are also available during festive seasons as well.

Nature Farm & Cafe has 2 branches around Bangkok.

[Image credit: Nature Farm & Cafe]

Lemon Farm is a large supermarket that focuses on organic and sustainable ingredients, including a lot of intriguing vegetarian, vegan, and ketogenic options. Unlike other snack shops, Lemon Farm also sells a selection of raw ingredients, frozen meals, fresh fruit, and fresh vegetables. Therefore, it is actually a one-stop service for your vegan staples, from frozen plant-based meats to bags of chips made from green beans.

Lemon Farm has 17 branches around Bangkok.

[Image credit: Lemon Farm]


[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Mike Petrucci/Unsplash]

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