Dining A Mouthwatering Collection Of The Best New Cafes Of 2022

A Mouthwatering Collection Of The Best New Cafes Of 2022

Nothing lets you begin the day as confidently as a good cup of coffee. Here's a list of the best cafes the popped up in Bangkok this 2022.


By VICHAYUTH CHANTAN Published on Jan 06, 2023, 08:00 AM

A Mouthwatering Collection Of The Best New Cafes Of 2022

Nothing lets you begin the day as confidently as a good cup of coffee. If you’re looking for a new favourite cafe, here’s a list of the best places that popped up in 2022.

The fragrant aroma of grounded coffee beans, the crisp, tangy taste of the puff pastry accompanying your cup, the rays of sunshine that give the place a relaxing, calming vibe—a good cafe lets you forget all your problems for just a moment. Once you get sorted at the counter, it’s the perfect place to crack open your new favourite book, or perhaps work on a project with an approaching deadline. Whatever it is, you can’t deny that a good place to do it really helps.

You need a good cafe to swing by, and we’re here to help with the best cafes of 2022.

A mouthwatering collection of the best new cafes of 2022


Image credit: WaanThai/Facebook

Certainly one of our highlights of the year—if you love the Thai tastes of the two Michelin-starred eatery R-HAAN, you’ll enjoy the spin-off that boasts the same quality and authenticity. After all, the food flies out of the same kitchen, so you’re free to enjoy some of the favourites, and more, without having to sit the whole course if you don’t feel like it.

Apart from the savoury side, the desserts are definitely something to write home about. WaanThai presents the best of the sweet, sweet Thainess you’re familiar with, but upscaled and perfect enough to impress any relatives coming to town. There are also refreshing drinks and tea sets to help calm you down from the troubles of the day.

We personally recommend the coconut cake—so light you’ll be having seconds. We did.

You can find more information at WaanThai.

Charlotte Doughnuts

Image credit: @sillylittlekiwi/Instagram

You can’t miss Charlotte. Even though it’s located in the busy neighbourhood of Thonglor, its cafe front takes you straight to the streets of Paris. Their menu is packed full of homemade doughnuts and freshly-brewed coffees that are so good it puts your usual places to shame. Be sure to get your cameras ready, as their pastries and their venue are both made to be on your socials.

Order the lemon crumble and the blueberry cheese pie. They probably serve those in heaven, too.

You can find more information at Charlotte Doughnuts.

Okonomi at Central Embassy branch

Image credit: Okonomi/Facebook

Okonomi is one of the local’s favourites in Sukhumvit 38, and it just opened a new branch at Central Embassy. Now you’ve found yourselves a new, great spot to work. They’re known for their dedicated blend of coffee for each of their branches, heartwarming pastries, and all-day food sets that are not only satiating but nutritionally balanced as well. Grab a coffee of your choice, and order a gluten-free miso chocolate chip cookie to go with it.

You can find more information at Okonomi.


Image credit: SLOW by CASA LAPIN/Facebook

SLOW is a cosy, relaxing spot for those who want their day to slow down just a little. Immerse yourself in the modern wooden interior, equipped with attentive staff and an array of coffee beans to choose for after your morning run. Whether you want a local flavour or something adventurous from abroad, they have you covered. They also feature great craft drinks and amazing pastries. Be sure to order the truffle croissant—it’s a flavour that will linger on your palate for a long while.

You can find more information at SLOW by CASA LAPIN.

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Davin Cafe

Image credit: Davin Cafe/Facebook

Davin features imported speciality coffee beans from all over the world, each impressive in their own right. Try the Brazil Chocola natural which can only be sourced from the small town of Santo Antonio do Amparo, Brazil from May to September, or the Colombia Villamaria, which is imported from Caldas, Columbia, then fermented for 72 hours without oxygen. The cafe is also built with a steampunk theme in mind, which makes for great photo ops and Instagram sessions with your friends.

You can find more information at Davin Cafe.


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1000"]new cafes 2022 Image credit: Goodhaus Bkk/Facebook[/caption]

Get into a good mood at Goodhaus. This recently-opened pet-friendly cafe is a must-visit for those who seek minimalist and contemporary spaces, with a fine menu to suit. Between clean wooden furnishings and spacious outdoor areas, guests here can enjoy a tranquil ambience together with freshly-brewed coffees, teas, and the occasional croffle. Like, seriously, order their croffle because it is one of the best cafes of 2022.

You can find more information at Goodhaus.

Le Khwam Luck Cafe Bar and Restaurant

Image credit: Le Khwam Luck Cafe Bar and Restaurant/Facebook

They’re a bit of everything, and they do it all correctly. Le Khwam Luck Cafe offers an Italian-inspired menu with options for lunch, dinner, or a just a midday snack, with a vast variety of desserts to choose from, too. There’s a big coffee and tea menu, as well as cocktails and an afternoon tea set to choose from. Plus, the gorgeous photo opps won’t hurt either. If you’re seeking a cafe in Ekkamai that’s got it all, this is it.

You can find more information at Le Khwam Luck Cafe Bar and Restaurant.

Symmetry Bkk

new cafes 2022
Image credit: Symmetry Bkk/Facebook

Symmetry is all about — you guessed it — symmetry. As the name suggests, every little detail that you’ll find at Symmetry is about a perfect balance. Even its soul-soothing coffee and toothsome bakery items make a harmonious combination. Plus, it’s the brainchild and the first-ever cafe by Flow Coffee Roasters that serves only the best coffee brewed from its exceptional coffee blend.

You can find more information at Symmetry Bkk.

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[Hero image credit: Davin Cafe/Facebook; featured image credit: Charlotte’s Doughnuts/Facebook]

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