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The Best Times To Visit London, According To Local Experts

Timing is everything. Here's the best time to visit London for good weather, smaller crowds, more affordable rates, and more.

Travel Tips

Put A Shoe In Your Hotel Safe & Some More Useful Tips For Forgetful Travellers

A crew member shared tips and hacks for forgetful travellers staying in a hotel room on social media and they are quite useful.


Malaysia Airlines Reveals India's Authentic Hidden Treasures with Three New Routes

Malaysia Airlines now offers direct flights to the mesmerising destinations of Amritsar, Ahmedabad and Trivandrum.


9 Most Expensive Cars In The World

Six figures? Seven figures? More? From Rolls-Royce to Bugatti, these are the most expensive cars in the world right now.

Travel Tips

Decode Hong Kong’s Public Transport System With Our Handy Travel Guide

Hong Kong's public transport system guide. How to get around in Hong Kong using Tramways, ferries, metros, taxis, and buses.


Bed Bug Prevention Tips For Before, During, And After Travel

Expert tips and advice for prevention of bed bug infestation while traversing the airport and staying in a hotel.


5 Travel Tips To Remember Before Booking Your Next Trip

Gearing up for your next trip? These travel tips from our experts will help you save a few extra bucks and have a hassle-free getaway.


These Are the Luxury Luggage and Lifestyle Pieces We Need Right Now

The TUMI 19 Degree Aluminum Collection is an Essentially Beautiful revolution of form, function, personality and desire.


Travel With Your Fur Buddies On These Pet-Friendly Airlines

When you're planning your international journey with your beloved pet, be sure to consider these pet-friendly airlines.


Your Ultimate Guide To Public Transportation In Singapore

Singapore public transport encompasses MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) trains, local buses which offer some of the best views, local taxis and more.


This Airline Is Debuting Lie-Flat Beds in Economy and Restaurant-Style Dining in Business

We visited the Air New Zealand top secret research lab—here’s what to expect in their awesome new cabins, including bunkbeds.

Travel Tips

These Are The Must Have Travel Apps You Need Before Visiting A New Country

This guide tells you the right travel app to use in the country you are visiting. These apps are available on both iOS and Android devices.

Travel Tips

Should You Tip Flight Attendants? Here's What The Experts Say

Here's a reminder that a simple "thank you" is much appreciated and an answer on whether you should tip flight attendants or not.


All the Packing Tips You’ll Ever Need, From One of the World’s Top Luggage Experts

The head of TUMI Asia Pacific and Middle East talks about the evolution of travel & luggage style, where he loves visit, and packing tips.


One Night Standard, The Standard’s Last Minute Booking App, Relaunches for Travellers Who Love to Keep It Casual

Don’t know where you’re sleeping tonight? The Standard’s Last Minute Booking App, One Night Standard, Was Made for No Strings Attached Stays.


VIDEO: The Coolest New Bar in Hong Kong Is… in the Airport

Intervals is a brand-new cocktail bar in Hong Kong Airport that offers first-class seats to some of the best views and drinks in town.

Travel Tips

I Used ChatGPT To Plan My Trip To London — Here’s How It Helped And Where It Failed

The free version of ChatGPT was super helpful in planning my trip to London with a toddler — until it wasn't.


The Secret Disney World Attractions That Many Guests Don't Know About

From scavenger hunts to a cheese crawl, you won’t want to miss these under-the-radar Disney World experiences.


These Countries Will Give You A Job Seeker Visa Even If You Don't Have An Offer Letter

Some nations have started granting visas to job seekers from third countries to come and explore opportunities even without an offer letter.

Travel Tips

Why You Should Never Share Photos Of Your Boarding Pass On Social Media

Taking these steps can protect you from security issues of sharing pictures of your boarding pass on social media

Travel Tips

Unusual Travel Rules You Must Know Before Visiting These Places

Some weird travel rules around the world could get travellers fined or arrested. Know about them before they ruin your vacation.

Travel Tips

This Is The Only Acceptable Way To Ask A Fellow Passenger To Switch Seats, According To A Flight Attendant

Here are all the right (and wrong) ways to ask a fellow passenger to switch seats on a flight according to flight attendants.

Travel Tips

The Real Reason You Have To Put Your Airplane Seat Upright During Takeoff And Landing

This is why the rule is so important to put your airplane seats in an upright position during takeoff and landing


Get A Luxurious Start To Your Trip At These Premium Airport Lounges

From spas, cigar rooms and gourmet dining options, these airport lounges offer luxurious services that make them a destination themselves.

Travel Tips

You Should Think Twice Before Having Ice On A Plane

Sorry, but we're about to ruin ice for you forever but this is why you should think twice before ordering it on a plane.

Travel Tips

What Really Happens When You Don't Turn Off Your Cell Phone On A Plane?

Here's what happens when passengers don't use airplane mode and their cell phone stays switched onboard a plane

Travel Tips

6 Drinks You Should Never Order On A Flight

Here are six drinks you should never order (and what to order) to feel your best, kick back and relax on your next flight.

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