Dining A Definitive Guide To Bar-Hopping In Bangkok This Negroni Week 2023

A Definitive Guide To Bar-Hopping In Bangkok This Negroni Week 2023

The 11th Negroni Week is here, and it's a cause for celebration. Here's where to grab several Negronis throughout the week in Bangkok.


By Vichayuth Chantan Published on Sep 16, 2023, 06:00 PM

A Definitive Guide To Bar-Hopping In Bangkok This Negroni Week 2023

The 11th Negroni Week is here. It’s a cause for celebration, for both you and the hospitality industry. Here’s where to grab several Negronis throughout the week between September 18-24, 2023 if you are celebrating in Bangkok.

Apart from American singer Cher, there’s nothing as timeless as a Negroni. Since its creation in 1919, it has spread rapidly in popularity and is enjoyed by cocktail enthusiasts no matter where you are in the world. There have been countless riffs of this iconic classic, and that’s also inbound for this week.

In collaboration with Italy’s bar staple aperitif Campari, Negroni Week is celebrated across the globe, and from 18-24 September, we raise a toast. Classic Negronis, riffs, twists, innovations—all are on the table as you visit the bars that celebrate this occasion. We know just where they’re celebrating, and how. Read on for our guide to Bangkok Negroni Week 2023.

A definitive guide on places to go in Bangkok on Negroni Week 2023

BKK Social Club (Sep 18)

Image credit: BKK Social Club/Facebook

Negroni Week kicks off big, and what could be bigger than at the bar standing proud at No. 3 on Asia’s 50 Best Bars list? Giorgio Bargiani, 1757 Cinzano Vermouth di Torino Global Brand Advocate and Assistant Director of Mixology of London’s Connaught Bar will also be working behind the bar as a guest bartender for one night only.

You can find more information at BKK Social Club.

Lennon’s (Sep 19)

Image credit: Lennon’s/Facebook

Lennon’s is famed for its beautiful venue, great drinks, and attentive service. Joe Schofield, creative director of Asterley Bros. and recipient of the International Bartender of The Year in the Tales of The Cocktail Spirited Awards in 2018, will be taking over the bar for the evening. It’s perfect for the season, as we have witnessed firsthand how beautiful the venue can be as the rain pours outside.

You can find more information at Lennon’s.

Siam Yacht Club (Sep 19)

Image credit: Siam Yacht Club/Facebook

Gorgeous dinner with a riverside view, now with soul-soothing aperitifs? Now that sounds like a great time. Head bartender of Rabbit Hole and winner of Wild Turkey Behind the Barrel Thailand Competition 2019, Noppasate “Depp” Hirunwathit, will be taking over the bar for one night, but his drinks will be available throughout the week.

You can find more information at Siam Yacht Club.

Rabbit Hole (Sep 20)

Image credit: Rabbit Hole/Facebook

A trip to Wonderland never felt so good, as in the Rabbit Hole, co-founder of Barro Negro, Athens’ first tequila bar, George Kavaklis, is the guest bartender for one evening. Greek-hospitality-meets-industrial-drinking-spot is a combo we never thought we’d need.

You can find more information at Rabbit Hole.

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Thaipioka (Sep 20)

Image credit: Thaipioka/Facebook

We’ve never heard of anyone disappointed by Thaipioka, and for one evening only, 2021 World Class Taiwan Champion Mars Chang will be showcasing her creative riffs on the classic Negroni. Be sure to bring some company for a memorable night out.

You can find more information at Thaipioka.

The Loft Bangkok (Sep 21)

Image credit: The Loft Bangkok/Facebook

You may have heard of The Clumsies bar, standing proud at No. 19 on the World’s Best Bars 2022 list. Meet its founder, Vasilis Kyritsis, who will be coming in to take over the bar at the Waldorf Astoria’s sky-high bar. Greek hospitality in the house, and we’re here for it.

You can find more information at The Loft Bangkok.

Oskar Bistro (Sep 21)

Image credit: Oskar Bistro/Facebook

Oskar Bistro is throwing a “Bunga Bunga Party,” which we hope isn’t hosted by Silvio Berlusconi. Multi-award winner Kou-Hao Wu a.k.a. Hardy from Roof Ocean Taiwan is set to come in as Oskar’s first-ever guest bartender. Expect DJs behind the station, dance performances, and, of course, lots of hard liquor.

You can find more information at Oskar Bistro.

Zuma Bangkok (Sep 21)

Image credit: Zuma Bangkok/Facebook

Zuma Bangkok is coming in hot with special Japanese-inspired Negronis served throughout the week, and a special bartender will be flown in to take over the bar for one evening. Knowing Zuma, it’s going to be worth the trip for sure.

You can find more information at Zuma Bangkok.

SoCal Bangkok (Sep 21)

Image credit: SoCal Bangkok/Facebook

Next stop: the sunny streets of California at SoCal Bangkok. As you’re munching on the Californian delicacies, say hi to guest bartender Jane Kaew-yod, co-founder of Suvarn Bar in Samui, who will be standing behind the bar offering nothing but great drinks and warm hospitality.

You can find more information at SoCal Bangkok.

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Ms.Jigger (Sep 22)

Image credit: Ms.Jigger/Facebook

With a jigger in hand and a shaker in another, Ms.Jigger is more than ready to welcome all patrons looking for a good time on Friday night. Guest bartender Fabio Nanni is coming in to ensure that everyone is enjoying themselves with his twists on the classic Negroni.

You can find more information at Ms.Jigger.

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Firefly Bar (Sep 22)

Image credit: Firefly Bar/Facebook

The patrons of the beloved Firefly will get the chance to say hello to Alexandre Renoue, the newly appointed beverage manager of the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai. His variations on the Negroni will explain why he’s such a renowned mixologist of global fame.

You can find more information at Firefly Bar.

Diplomat Bar (Sep 22)

Image credit: Conrad Bangkok

Live jazz and Negronis are an age-old combo. Beverage Manager of Opium Bar Matteo Cadeddu will be providing the bar at Conrad Bangkok with playful, creative riffs on the classic.

You can find more information at Diplomat Bar.

Gir (Sep 23)

Image credit: Gir/Facebook

Talented mixologist and Head Bartender of Amaro Bar, London, Victor Arguello Maggiolo, will be helming the bar at Thonglor’s Gir for one evening only. Negroni variations and a lively crowd go hand in hand, and Gir’s vibes are always on point.

You can find more information at Gir.

AQUA Bar (Sep 24)

Image credit: AQUA Bar/Facebook

Negroni Week closes its boozy curtains at Anantara Siam’s AQUA Bar. As one of Bangkok’s longest-running cocktail bars, they’re serving riffs on the classic Negroni that aim to impress. A great way to end the week, and to cap off another year of Negroni Week.

You can find more information at AQUA Bar.

Scarlett Bangkok (Sep 18-24)

Image credit: Scarlett Bangkok

Throughout Negroni Week, the beloved Scarlett Bangkok is featuring three new variations on the Negroni that will go so well with all the delicacies they serve. A Negroni made with Bulldog gin, Campari, cherry herring, watermelon, and melon foam? Sounds like a dream.

If you’re feeling peckish at the end of the night, the burger joint 25 Degrees downstairs is also celebrating the occasion with its own variation of the classic. We also know they’re open 24 hours.

You can find more information at Scarlett Bangkok.

Opium (Sep 18-24)

Image credit: opm.bkk/Instagram

Opium is coming up with 10 different riffs on the Negroni for the week. If you hold an Opium coin from their previous promotions, you get one glass of your choice on the house.

You can find more information at Opium.

Abar Rooftop (Sep 18-24)

Image credit: ABar Rooftop

Abar Rooftop is also joining in on the fun, featuring three different variants of the classic Negroni. Sweet, spicy, infused with almonds—they got you covered. Abar is also famous for their extensive gin selection, so you can expect nothing but quality mixology from them.

You can find more information at Abar Rooftop.

Every venue of the Fat Chili group

Image credit: Fat Chili

Gigi Dining Hall & Bar, Gigi – Eatery & Café, Oskar Bistro Bangkok, Lily Fu’s, Iron Balls – The Parlour, and Sing Sing Theatre—all of these amazing establishments are joining Negroni Week. Get a Negroni from one of the venues, and get a stamp. Get five stamps, and get a free Negroni. It’s simple, yet very enticing. Happy Negroni Week!

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