Dining 7 Best Seasonal Strawberry Creations In Singapore To Gift For Mother's Day 2023

7 Best Seasonal Strawberry Creations In Singapore To Gift For Mother's Day 2023

Treat mom to the best strawberry desserts in Singapore made from in-season spring strawberries this Mother's Day 2023.


By Derrick Tan Published on Apr 26, 2023, 05:00 PM

7 Best Seasonal Strawberry Creations In Singapore To Gift For Mother's Day 2023
image credit: Tigerlily Patisserie

The seasonal food calendar in Spring is filled with refreshing produce like asparagus, rhubarb, cherries, and kiwi. But there’s one that remains a perennial favourite throughout this season: strawberries. Coincidentally, Mother’s Day and the season to have strawberries also happens in the peak of Spring. So treat this important woman in your life to these best strawberry desserts in Singapore that celebrate both occasions.

It’s no secret that the sweet yet refreshingly tart strawberries make ideal companions to desserts like cakes and ice cream, especially for Mother’s Day when they are in season during Spring. Renowned confectionary establishments like Lady M, Swensen, Tigerlily Patisserie, and Châteraisé have created strawberry delights that’ll make the after-meal calories all worth it.

Those who wish to surprise with unconventional bites can also opt for Café USAGI Tokyo’s Strawberry Dorayaki Cake or Live Twice’s Roku gin-based strawberry tipples.

7 best seasonal strawberry desserts in Singapore to enjoy or gift for Mother’s Day 2023:

Lady M’s Strawberry Swirl Mille Crepés

strawberry desserts singapore
Strawberry Swirl Mille Crepés. Image credit: Lady M

The New York confectionary brand has introduced its latest seasonal exclusive, the Strawberry Swirl Mille Crêpes at the perfect time. This candied creation features a fluffy strawberry-infused sponge cake that’s delicately layered with wafer-thin mille crêpes and strawberry cream. The latter uses strawberries sourced from a family-run farm in Japan’s Tokushima region, known for cultivating signature sweet strawberries for the last 50 years. Completing the confection is a generous dusting of freeze-dried strawberries from New Zealand.

Lady M‘s Strawberry Swirl Mille Crepés is available till May 31. Prices start from SGD13 a slice to SGD140 for a whole cake before GST.

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Swensen’s Carnation Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

Swensen’s Carnation Strawberry Ice Cream Cake
Carnation Strawberry Ice Cream Cake. Image credit: Swensen’s

Swensen’s will present the best of both worlds – cake and ice cream – this Mother’s Day. The established Singapore family restaurant has elevated its well-loved strawberry ice cream with the Carnation Strawberry Ice Cream Cake. Besides the smooth and milky ice cream, diners will also love that there are juicy chunks of strawberry with every bite.

Swensen’s Mother’s Day Specials will be available till May 14 at all Swensen’s stores. It is also available for takeaway and delivery via GrabFood, food panda and Deliveroo. Prices start from SGD48.

Tigerlily Patisserie’s Camellia Crown

Tigerlily Patisserie’s Camellia Crown
Camellia Crown. Image credit: Tigerlily Patisserie

Give the most important woman in your life the royal treatment with Tigerlily Patisserie’s Camellia Crown. The famed patisserie spotlights the in-season French Gariguette strawberry compote and camellia tea-infused bavarois for their limited edition confection, created by Chef Maxine Ngooi. Completing it is a floral cage of sponge fingers that’s delicate yet suitably regal, especially with the accompanying vanilla crème madame petals.

Tigerlily Patisserie’s Limited Edition Mother’s Day Camellia Crown will be available for online orders from now to May 14. It will also be available for in-store purchase from May 12 to 14 at SGD65++.

Okashi gaku’s Cake in a Can Strawberry Shortcake

strawberry desserts singapore
Strawberry Shortcake. Image credit: Okashi Gaku

Think out of the box – or can, in this case – with Okashi Gaku’s handheld cakes. These viral Japanese confections took Singapore by storm with their unconventional packaging and presentation in iconic clear Fuwa cans dispensed from a machine. Besides the signature Strawberry Shortcake, look forward to Singapore-exclusive flavours like Durian and Oreo Cookie.

Okashi Gaku’s can cake vending machine is available at Bugis+, Plaza Singapura, Thomson Plaza, VivoCity, and Suntec City.

Live Twice’s Japanese-style Roku Gin Strawberry cocktails

Live Twice’s Japanese-style Roku Gin Strawberry cocktails
Ichigo Fizz, Spring Blossom, and Little Charm. Image credit: Live Twice/Roku Gin

Suntory’s Roku Gin honours the Japanese culinary concept of ‘shun’ (the tradition of enjoying every food and drink in its proper season, and only when the ingredients are at the peak of their flavours) this Spring with six exclusive spring ingredients at six top Singapore bars. Of course, strawberry (or Ichigo) is one of the six spring staples in Japanese cuisine.

Jigger and Pony’s mid-century Japanese-inspired bar Live Twice utilises strawberries for three deliciously stylish cocktails. There’s the Ichigo Fizz, a gin fizz with splashes of honey, ginger, lemon, and strawberry, and the Spring Blossom, a refreshing gin-based sour starring strawberry and geranium. Otherwise, surprise yourself with the progressive Little Charm – a Japanese-inspired martini made with Roku Gin and strawberry shochu.

Live Twice‘s Japanese-style Roku Gin Strawberry cocktails are available till May 26 at 20 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089834.

Châteraisé’s Jewel Mousse

Châteraisé’s Jewel Mousse
Châteraisé’s Jewel Mousse. Image credit: Okashi Gaku

Famed Japanese confectionary retailer Châteraisé serves two new cakes – Jewel Mousse and Blueberry Garden – this Mother’s Day. While both are imported from Japan and made with the famous natural spring Hakushu water, the former looks like a polished gemstone with its glossy exterior of raspberry nappage. Inside, you’ll find layered cheese cream mousse, strawberry, raspberry, cassis jelly, and white chocolate covered with cookies. Other strawberry-focused desserts in this limited menu in Singapore include Strawberry Mille Crepe and Strawberry Mont Blanc.

Châteraisé’s Mother’s Day cakes are available to purchase from May 1 onwards at all Châteraisé stores.

Café USAGI Tokyo’s Strawberry Dorayaki Cake

strawberry desserts singapore
Image credit: CAFÉ USAGI Tokyo

Helmed by Japanese Chef and Creative Director Yuka Shigeno, Café USAGI Tokyo takes inspiration from nature, flowers, and buildings, and uses only all-natural ingredients and colouring. One signature of this new café at Suntec is the soft and chewy Handmade Daifuku. It features a wrapped strawberry with a layer of premium azuki bean paste created by Chef Shigeno. Another highlight is the Doriyaki Cake, which uses two fluffy pancakes to sandwich strawberries that are held together by milky fresh cream and sweet azuki bean paste. This petite confection makes for a great alternative to a full-sized cake if you’re stuffed after a big meal.

Café USAGI Tokyo is located at Suntec City Tower 3, 8 Temasek Blvd #02-615A, Singapore 038983.

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(Hero and feature image credit: Tigerlily Patisserie)

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