News This Is The Happiest State In India. Have You Visited It Yet?

This Is The Happiest State In India. Have You Visited It Yet?

According to a recent study by a Gurugram-based institute, Mizoram has been declared as the happiest state in India.


By ANUSHKA GOEL Published on Apr 21, 2023, 08:00 AM

This Is The Happiest State In India. Have You Visited It Yet?
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Already blessed with blue mountains, lush forests and numerous waterfalls, it seems like Mizoram has just given us one more reason to visit. Its people. They have been found to be the most cheerful lot in India, as per a recent study conducted by a Gurugram-based institute, which measured the happiness index of states across the country based on six parameters. 

The study, which was carried out by Rajesh K Pillania, professor of strategy at the Management Development Institute, used parameters such as the relationship between students and teachers as one of the key measures of happiness, mentions a report in ANI.

What makes Mizoram the happiest state in India

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The happiness index of this northeastern state took into account indicators such as family dynamics, professional concerns, societal matters and philanthropy, religious beliefs, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on happiness, and both physical and mental well-being.

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According to the study, Mizoram, which is India’s second state to have 100 percent literacy, has a unique social structure that plays an important role in ensuring the happiness of its younger population.

The institute writes that irrespective of gender, youth in the Mizo community tend to pursue financial independence from a young age, and no task is considered small. Thus, gender discrimination is something that has few instances in the state. Further, even though Mizoram has a high prevalence of broken families, people around the youth in similar situations and working mothers, as well as early financial independence, help the youth not feel deprived, the report adds.

Talking about how earning early, irrespective of one’s gender, impacts happiness in Mizoram, the report quoted Sister Lalrinmawii Khiangte, a teacher at Eben-ezer Boarding School, as saying, “When both genders are taught to earn their living, and neither is dependent on the other, why should a couple continue to live together in an unhealthy setting?”

Further adding to instances that make Mizoram the happiest state in India, the report adds, “A student of the Government Mizo High School (GMHS) in Aizawl, Mizoram, has had to face many difficulties since his father abandoned his family when he was young. Despite this, he remains optimistic and excels in his studies. He hopes to become a chartered accountant or appear for civil services exams if his first choice does not work out.”

Hero and Featured Image credit: DigiLife Siaha/Unsplash

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