Trips Your Perfect Sustainable Travel Accessory, Based On Your Zodiac

Your Perfect Sustainable Travel Accessory, Based On Your Zodiac

Travel can be wasteful, so here are some sustainable travel accessories you can include in your trips for an eco-friendly travel experience.


By Anushka Goel Published on Jun 14, 2022, 02:00 PM

Your Perfect Sustainable Travel Accessory, Based On Your Zodiac
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Travel can be wasteful, but simple swaps can make it much greener activity. Here are some sustainable travel accessories you can include in your trips for an eco-friendly travel experience. By Anushka Goel

Travel is one of the most relaxing activities one can indulge in. Whether it be within your own city, country, or going abroad, the activity, even if adventurous, energises you to an extent that you may have never thought is possible. However, it is important to understand that travel can also be an extremely wasteful activity.

The amount of single-use plastics created with a single trip, when one isn’t travelling consciously, can be up to kilograms of waste – think single-use plastic bags, straws, water bottles, cutlery, hotel soap and shampoos, travel toothbrushes, to-go coffees in disposable cups, and so much more. While travel is rejuvenating, it is important to understand the harmful environmental impact of the activity and learn how to make a sustainable change in the way we explore new destinations.

A simple way of doing that is making changes to our travel kits – be it adding a bamboo toothbrush or a steel straw, or choosing shoes that are made and sourced sustainably while being durable. And if you have no idea how to get started on this sustainable journey, we have a fun way to get you started. Check out these sustainable travel accessories based on your zodiac and incorporate them into your trips for a step towards conscious travel!

Sustainable travel accessories based on your zodiac

Aries: Sustainable bag


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Aries signs are bold and confident, and they love to take on challenges. They also don’t like unnecessary complications in their trips. They’re extremely adventurous, and love to explore new places and meet new people. So, a great sustainable travel accessory for this sign will be an eco-friendly rucksack or duffel bag, that’s been made locally and is super durable. Another great addition is carrying reusable bags in case they make any purchases, to avoid using throw-away plastics.

Taurus: Sustainable snacks for travel

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Taurians are lovers of relaxed environments, complete with scenic views, serene surroundings, and nature. They’re also conscious of their bodily needs, and will not want others to be troubled because of them and their hunger. So, they always like to carry emergency snacks on their trips – and what better way to make this stash sustainable than with dehydrated and dried fruits, homemade granola bars, trail mixes, and namkeens, packaged in reusable containers to further their eco-friendly cause? Apart from being delicious, these snacks are also healthier than the store-bought stuff, and that’s a win-win situation, we feel!

Gemini: Sustainable footwear


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Playful and ambitious, Geminis are known to have a zest for life. They love meeting people and can be quite the social butterflies. They also have the uncommon knack of talking to anyone about anything. Thus, a pair of comfortable footwear is a must for them, and it’s made even better when the pair is sustainable! Be it flip-flops for the beach or bulky shoes for hikes, there are a variety of options available in the market, which will not only make a fashionable statement but act as a conversation starter and allow them to look great, no matter where they are. A plus? Most of these footwear options are durable and long-lasting, too!

Cancer: Reusable coffee mug

Cancers are water signs and are highly emotional beings. They love having a sense of comfort wherever they go, and like to carry a piece of home with them on their travels. So, what better way to do that than to bring along their favourite travel coffee cup? Not only does this guarantee a hot cup of coffee that’s been sustainably packed for travel, but ensures that you have something familiar with you to bring you comfort and peace. Opt for metal, ceramic, glass or collapsible silicone mugs – whatever you like – and make a statement wherever you go.

Leo: Eco-friendly makeup  and grooming kit


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Leos are divas, and they want to look their best whenever possible. Represented by the lion, your sign demands attention naturally, and you love being at the centre of things. You also love to socialise and are quite the party people – which means you travel a lot or at least, step out a lot. And one thing that is intrinsic to your personality is being well-groomed, with perfect skin, hair and makeup. So, it’s a great idea to invest in some eco-friendly makeup and grooming essentials such as safety razors, epilators and more to look your best – all day, every day.

For a more detailed guide to a minimalistic (but effective) skincare and makeup routine for when you travel, check out our guide here!

Virgo: reusable bottle


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Virgos are among the more practical signs, quite grounded and rooted deep into the material world. The sign is logical and systematic, and even their trips involve meticulous planning. So, one of the easiest (and best) sustainable travel switches for people in this sign would be to opt for a reusable bottle – fill it up with clean water at hotels and restaurants, or if on a hike, carry along a portable filter, too, to be able to access water from all sources.

Libra: Sustainable skincare kit in a travel-friendly pouch

Librans are ruled by the planet Venus, which governs aspects of love, beauty, and money. The sign appreciates art, intellectualism, and finer things such as connoisseurship. They also like to be presentable wherever they are – be it on trips or otherwise – and thus, curating a sustainable skincare and hair care kit, complete with shampoo and soap bars, oils and more, is a great eco-friendly travel switch for them. Not only will it keep them looking fresh on their travels, but it’ll also help the sign navigate through social conversations seamlessly – their kit acting as an ice breaker, especially when on an adventure trip!

Scorpio: Perfumed oils


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Scorpios are water signs, and like their other zodiac counterparts, they thrive in mystical environments. Extremely passionate beings, they form deep, soulful connections with the people they love, and for them, a calm state of mind is of utmost importance. Those who believe in mystical elements also believe in the power of smells, and a great way for Scorpios to include this in their travels sustainably is by carrying perfumed oils – packaged in refillable containers, these oils make not only for a great aromatherapy experience but can also be used as super long-lasting perfumes, eliminating the need for bulky sprays whose scent fades off after a few hours.

Sagittarius: Reusable cutlery kit

Sagittarians are social beings, and adventures are intrinsic to their nature. Their personality is a unique blend of passion, curiosity, intensity, and adaptability, which makes them great travel partners, too. Their social nature allows them to explore new places and meet people, and an ideal sustainable travel switch for them is to carry their own cutlery kit – complete with spoons, forks, knives, straws and anything else they need. This way, they can avoid using a lot of single-use plastics or throw-away cutlery, especially when dining out. And carrying their own straw to sip on a cocktail at a party is sure to be a conversation starter!

Check out some sustainable stores in India to kickstart your journey to green living here.

Capricorn: Army knife

Capricorns are visionaries, hard workers and can seamlessly move between both the emotional and the mythical realms. The sign is also known to be extremely organised, making them great leaders. And a Cappie traveller is someone who will always be prepared for what may come their way. So, a great accessory for them is an army knife – pocket-friendly and easy to use, these come with several attachments to suit all needs and purposes, and speaks of a Cappie sign’s preparedness.

Aquarius: Electronic reading devices

The last of the air signs (yes air, not water!), Aquarians are intellectual, curious, and deeply social. These signs are passionate about interpersonal dynamics and are always on a quest to learn and know more. A great travel accessory for them is definitely something that fuels this thirst for knowledge, and an e-reading device makes for a great sustainable travel accessory for them. It allows them to unwind in the lap of nature or utilise their travel time better, and most e-book stores have access to thousands of books and magazines to satiate their thirst for knowledge!

Pisces: Menstrual cups


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The final sign of the zodiac, Pisceans are true to their sign-type. The dreamers are water babies for the most part, and nothing brings them calm than spending time in the water – be it at home or on travels. They are also adventurers, and for Piscean women, a great sustainable switch for their trips is menstrual cups – these allow them the comfort of being however they want to be, go on hikes and treks without the risk of stains. What’s more, a dip into the sea or a pool can also be made possible when on their menstrual cycle with a cup!

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