These Quick Workouts While You Work Will Ensure You Burn Those Extra Calories

Meeting fitness goals can be tough, especially when stepping out of the house is not a possibility. So, these quick workouts while you work from home will ensure you burn those extra calories and not put on the pandemic bulge! By Anushka Goel

January is often the month when we begin with our new year resolutions, promising ourselves to work harder, be fitter, spend more time with our loved ones and prioritise our mental health over other things. But January 2022 has brought with it the third wave of COVID-19, with offices moving to the work from home setup and most public places being shut.

If you’re someone who wants to get back into fitness, but maybe time doesn’t allow you to, or you can’t stop by at the gym anymore after work, these quick workouts will allow you to get in some exercise numbers to add to your weekly goal, while improving your flexibility, strength and helping you burn some calories.

Quick at-home workouts while you work

Both burpees and jumping jacks don’t take much time and are great for a quick cardiovascular workout. Get in a few sets in-between meetings or during your lunch break, and see those workout minutes add up to your weekly goal!

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All you need is a yoga mat in your work from home space to do this quick workout routine. Take five-minute breaks from work to do each of these workouts – either together or as individual sets. Apart from strengthening your core, planks, push-ups and lunges help burn fat from the stubborn areas and tone your body. These are also great additions to add to your pre-cycling workout routine.

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Remember that yoga mat? Keep it spread out near your workstation for some quick stretches in between work. You can even do some stretching while in an office meeting (provided your camera is off). Another great at-home workout to include in your WFH days is weightlifting. Some smaller weights that can be kept beside your work desk will make a quick arm workout.

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If you don’t have a work desk and work from the bed in your room, this one’s for you! Simply fit a pull-up bar in your room’s door and do a few sets in-between work. And anytime you feel the need to take a break, simply lie flat on your back, put your hands behind your head and do a few crunches to add to your fitness journey!

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Squats are great for a core workout and can be done when you’re in an audio meeting – you can simply pause your workout when it is your turn to speak! Also, jumping rope if your work area has enough space for the same is great for a quick cardiovascular activity to burn the calories and get your heart pumping.

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If you have a multi-storeyed house, a quick way to get this workout in is by working on a floor different, so that you make trips up and down to fill your bottle, get some tea/coffee or for your meals. However, if you live in an apartment, you can utilise your lunch break to climb up a few floors to get some exercise in.

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This one’s an odd mix on a workout list, right? Well, it’s because simple household chores such as vacuuming, washing utensils, hanging clothes or scrubbing the toilet are great workouts! They exercise different muscles in the body and help you stay fit. A quick confession – whenever I need to move away from the computer screen, I often take to dusting and cleaning my room and bathroom.

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