Railway Stations


Journey Through Time: Explore India's Oldest Railway Stations

Walk through time and tracks to explore the oldest railway stations in India, each a stunning testament to our love affair with the railways.


From Barog To Begunkodar: 8 Of The Most Haunted Railway Stations In India

From Barog to Begunkodar, let’s embark on a spooky journey to some of the most haunted railway stations in India. Read on to know more


Amrit Bharat Stations To Improve Rail Connectivity Between Kashmir & Rest Of India

Amrit Bharat Station scheme, inaugurated on August 6, 2023, is aimed at better connecting cities and towns across India. Here are the details.


Is Begunkodar Railway Station Really Haunted Or Is It Just A Myth?

Here is the story around Begunkodar Railway Station which was shut for over four decades and is now a famous ghost tourism spot.

Verdant Vibes: These Are The Greenest Railway Stations In India

Embark on a memorable rail journey to visit these beautiful greenest railway stations in India that will leave you enchanted.


India Gets First Centrally Air Conditioned Railway Station In Bengaluru

The Sir M Visvesvaraya Railway Terminal in Bengaluru is India's first centrally AC railway station, to allow passengers comfort of travel.

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