International Space Station


2022 In Space Travel: What To Watch For This Year

From the launch of Artemis I to NASA's Juno probe approaching Jupiter's moon Europa, here's what's on tap in space travel this year.


The Era Of Private Space Travel Has Arrived  — But How Did We Get Here?

As Tom Cruise heads to ISS later this year to film the first movie in space, sci-fi and reality of space travel are about to come full circle.


SpaceX Successfully Launches Astronauts In The First-Ever Private Space Craft

Two NASA astronauts journeyed to ISS in Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, making SpaceX the first private company to launch human beings to space.


Take Note Of The New Wonders Of The World And Plan Your Visits Pronto!

Here's a list of the new wonders of the world, that are charming our fancies and summoning us to their doors. Check it out!


Regular Flights Are Passe, Make Way For Zero-Gravity Flights Instead!

Think regular flights are too boring and are awaiting a change in flight technology? If yes, then read on because zero-gravity flights are finally here!


It'll Soon Be Possible To Rent Private Rooms In Space

Those romancing the idea of exploring the space at some point are in for some good news as it'll soon be possible to rent out a private room in space.


Astronaut Christina Koch Is Back After A Record-Breaking 328 Days In Space

NASA astronaut Christina Koch broke the record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman, and for conducting an all-female spacewalk. Details inside.


Weary Of Your Earthly Vacations? This 2020 Travel Trend Will Be Intriguing

Expect an ‘out of this world’ holiday with the forthcoming trend of Space Tourism. Sub-orbital business aircraft, intergalactic hotels and what not!

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