Regular Flights Are Passe, Make Way For Zero-Gravity Flights Instead!

Think regular flights are too boring and are awaiting a change in flight technology? If yes, then read on because zero-gravity flights are finally here!


A Ship Lost In The Bermuda Triangle Has Been Discovered After 95 Years

In a shocking discovery related to the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, a ship that had wrecked in 1925, has been recovered after 95 years.


Mars Sample Return Programme: NASA To Bring Samples From Mars Back To Earth

NASA's 2020 Mars mission, Mars Sample Return Programme, scheduled to take place in July, is aiming to bring back samples of the planet back home.


Gobble Up And Head To These Food-Themed Stays For Your Next Vacay!

Are you a foodie? Then head to these food-themed hotels that will level up your stay. We guarantee you'll have a scrumptious time!


We Have Listed The Best Wreck Dives Around The World. Check Out!

Sure scuba diving sounds cool, but let's talk about taking it a notch higher. This list of best wreck dives around the world will help your purpose.


Climate Change Will Wipe Out 90% Of Human Population By 2050, Claims New Study

Along with wiping out most of the human population, climate change could also result in the drowning of port cities like Mumbai, Shanghai, Florida and Lagos

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