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Voluntary Travel Organisations In India That Add Meaning To Tourism

Voluntary travel is on its way to becoming a preferred way to travel, and these 10 organisations foster the spirit of community. 

The Conscious Traveller

A Crash Course On Community-Based Tourism & Its Importance Right Now

With sustainability being the need of the hour, community-based tourism is gradually, yet consistently, picking pace.

The Conscious Traveller

Sahar Mansoor, Co-author Of India's First Zero-Waste Guidebook, Shares Green Tips

We talk to Sahar Mansoor, the co-author of India's first zero-waste guidebook, to learn about living sustainably and travelling consciously.


Meet Indranil Roy: A Backpacker Who Covered The Entire Konkan Coast On A Bicycle

Nothing spells slow travel better than cycling. Long-distance cyclist Indranil Roy understands this and reveals more on his journeys so far.

The Conscious Traveller

Sustainable Practices That Make NZ's Great Barrier Island A Small Wonder

Amid the natural splendour of Great Barrier Island, a writer discovers a community of entrepreneurs weaving sustainability into everything.


Namrata Purohit's New Website Is Making Headlines In The Sustainable Living Space

With her new website, The Earth Circle, Namrata Purohit swirls deeper into conscious living and plunges straight into the eco-friendly world.

The Conscious Traveller

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group Takes Concrete Steps To Eliminate Single-Use Plastic By March 2021

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group takes a step towards sustainable hospitality; aims to remove all single-use plastics by the end of March 2021.

The Conscious Traveller

Glide Over The North Pole In OceanSky Cruises' Sustainable Hybrid Aircraft

Embark on an adventure of a lifetime with OceanSky Cruises' expedition to the North Pole with a fully sustainable hybrid aircraft.


Meet The Endangered Ethiopian Wolf At Bale Mountains National Park

Wildlife photographer and conservationist Latika Nath travels to the Bale Mountains National Park to meet the endangered Ethiopian wolf.


Here's What You Should Know About Jose Dominic, The Social Entrepreneur

Jose Dominic built frugal and eco-conscious properties, employed locals, served indigenous cuisine, and put the environment first.

The Conscious Traveller

Here's How You Can Be A Conscious Traveller In Different Terrains

The onus of healing the planet is on each one of us. But how exactly do you reduce your carbon footprint and be a conscious traveller?

The Conscious Traveller

Having Walked From Leh To Spiti Valley, Here's How Climate Activist Aakash Ranison Is Redefining Road Trips

Climate activist and conscious traveller Aakash Ranison reveals how we can paint our post-COVID vacations and road trips in a green tinge.


#TnlAudioStories: Travel for Tomorrow -- Meet Yakuza Solo Who Explores The World In A Self-Made Bamboo Cycle!

In the first episode of #TnlAudioStories: Travel for Tomorrow, we talk to Yakuza Solo, a cyclist who travels around the world in a self-made bamboo cycle.

The Conscious Traveller

#TnlRoadTrips: How To Make Your Road Trips Greener This Plastic-Free July

This plastic-free July, imbibe these easy tips in your next domestic road trip and take a big green leap towards sustainability.


Ananya Ghosh, Founder Of An Eco-Travel Blog, Decodes The Future Of Conscious Travel In A Post-COVID World

We got in touch with Ananya Ghosh, founder of Feet Run Wild – an eco-travel blog, to decode the fate of conscious travelling in the post-Corona world.


Here Are Few Conscious Travel Projects That You Can Take Up In The Himalayas

A whole world of immersive experiences let you truly connect with a destination. Take these conscious travel projects in the Himalayas for example.


#TnlOutreach: Will Boutique Be The New Buzzword In Travel After Coronavirus? Experts Tell You

In the fifth session of #TnlOutreach, seven creators and curators of boutique travel experiences in India discuss new possibilities on the horizon.

The Conscious Traveller

Post-Corona Travel Plans: Here's How You Can Be A Conscious Traveller

Before we begin to travel again, we must reiterate some basics as well as direct you to more innovative ways to be a better, conscious traveller.

The Conscious Traveller

Ishita Khanna Of Spiti Ecosphere Decodes The Pillars Of Conscious Travelling

Ishita Khanna, one of the founders of Spiti Ecosphere opens our eyes to a concept and mindset that should become a part of all our vacations.


"I Host A Retreat In Bali Every Year To Give An Introduction On Conscious Lifestyle," -- Blogger Valeria Hinojosa

Valeria Hinojosa transcends all physical barriers through her blog 'Water Thru Skin', to reach people who care about an eco-conscious lifestyle.

The Conscious Traveller

Here Are The Only Travel Resolutions You Should Follow In 2020!

From minding your carbon footprint, to adopting green travel practices, we give you a low-down on how you can become a more conscious traveller in 2020.

The Conscious Traveller

Need A Guilt-Free Stay? These Eco-Friendly Hotels Are The Answer

These sustainable alternative hotels are both luxurious and are also working towards the ‘green’ way of travelling. Read on to know more.

The Conscious Traveller

Results Out! Here Is The Full List Of Winners For India's Best Awards 2019

The full list of winners at the Reader's Choice India's Best Awards 2019 held at ITC Maurya, New Delhi is out! Read on to know if your favourites won.


Brand New Era Of Hospitality: Here's How ITC Hotels Is Redefining The Concept Of Luxury!

In the wake of global concern for environment protection and climate change, ITC Hotels is certainly doing beyond its bit by indulging in Responsible Luxury

The Conscious Traveller

Meet Shubhendu Sharma: The Man Who Has Made Forests A Reality Again!

Shubhendu Sharma created Afforest, a for-profit social enterprise working as a service provider to re-establish green cover.


On This World Oceans Day, Plan A Coral-Saving Trip To Goa With These 5 Steps

Corals are calling and here are five ways to save them on this World Oceans Day in Goa. Plan that long-pending trip today!

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