Climate Change


AI Gives A Glimpse Of How Climate Change Will Effect Popular Travel Destinations By 2050

Artificial intelligence just showed us how climate change will change various popular tourist destinations for the worse by 2050.


World's Shorelines Are Shrinking — And These Beautiful Beaches Might Lose The Most

Nearly half of the Earth’s beaches could be extinct by 2100, according to a study published in the scientific journal Nature Climate Change.


Facing Increased Turbulence In Flights? Climate Change Is The Reason

According to various reports, there has been a huge increase in turbulence in flights due to climate change. Here are the details.


Significant Snow Fell In The Arizona Desert — Photos Of The Unlikely Winter Wonderland

Arizona’s desert, normally revered for its warm, dry climate, was covered in snow recently as cold temperatures moved in.


Yellowstone, Kilimanjaro Glaciers Among Those Set To Vanish By 2050: UNESCO

Glaciers at many UNESCO World Heritage sites including Yellowstone and Kilimanjaro National Park are set to vanish by 2050.


Our Writer Reflects On Her First Attempt At Voluntourism In Spiti Valley

Be it running a cafe, teaching basic English, or creating content for a cause, Spiti Ecosphere offers a range of volunteering programmes.


5 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint As A Traveller

Do your research on airlines and hotels, eat locally sourced food, stay longer, and more ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

The Conscious Traveller

Norway Is Creating 10 New National Parks In Hopes Of Combating Climate Change

National parks are usually meant to preserve a unique piece of nature, but Norway is hoping to also combat climate change.


These Indian Cities Are On The Verge Of Going Underwater; Is Yours On The List?

According to a recent report by the IPCC, several Indian cities are on the verge of submerging due to climate change.


A Round-up Of Pangolin Conservation Efforts In South Africa

It may not be one of the Big Five, but the often-overlooked pangolin is attracting growing interest from safari-goers. Details inside!

The Conscious Traveller

Kenya To Count Every Single Animal In The Country To Create Its First Wildlife Census

More than a year after it shut its borders to foreign tourists, Kenya is taking stock of its most precious attraction: its animals.


Earth Day Special: How To Restore Our Planet

Climate change is a reality that we have been facing for many years now. Here's our Earth Day special about how you can make a difference.


Scientists Taught Spinach How To Send Emails To Help Fight Climate Change — And This Isn't A Joke

Scientists have found a way to teach spinach to send emails to warn people about climate change or explosive materials, according to EuroNews.


New Study Reveals That Great Barrier Reef Has Lost Half Of Its Corals In The Last 25 Years

According to a new study published by marine scientists in Queensland, Great Barrier Reef has lost more than half of its corals since 1995.


Prince William & David Attenborough Launch Nobel-Like Environmental Award

Prince William and David Attenborough have come together to launch a new environmental award called Earth Shot.


Stop Everything And Read This! Sharks Are Disappearing From Our Coral Reefs

A recent study has revealed that sharks are disappearing swiftly and that they are almost functionally extinct in 20% of our coral reefs.


Dangerous Wildfires In The Arctic Region Have Released Record-Breaking Pollution

Deadly wildfires in the Arctic region that took place in the month of June released record-breaking pollution, raising concerns. Here's what we know.


Here's Why Scientists Are Worried About Pink Ice On The Italian Alps

An aerial picture clicked above the Presena glacier near Pellizzano on July 3 shows pink snow on the Italian Alps. More details inside.


Antarctica's Snow Turns Green, Thanks To Climate Change

Climate change has been a long-standing concern among scientists. Warming temperatures in Antarctica have caused the fatal green snow. Details inside!


The Largest Ozone Hole Is Closed Now, And It's Not Because Of The Lockdown!

Earlier this spring, scientists recorded the largest ozone hole over the Arctic and now it has healed and closed itself. Read on to know how it happened.


Polar Bears Are Getting Thinner & Having Lesser Cubs, All Because Of Us

If wildfires, tsunamis, & melting glaciers weren’t enough signs of impending doom, then images of polar bears becoming thinner should be our last reminder.


Antarctica Just Hit 65 Degrees, Its Warmest Temperature Ever

Antarctica triggers yet another alarm for the approaching woes of global warming -- registers its warmest temperature ever at 65 degrees.


Scientists Warn Of A Mini Ice Age By 2050. Here’s What We Know!

Scientists warn that the planet will face mini ice age like conditions within the next few years, which could affect normal life in extreme ways.

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Here's How Giant Vertical Gardens Are Adding Life To Hotels & Restaurants This Year!

With increasing awareness about climate change, travellers are now opting for restaurants, hotels and stays with vertical gardens.


World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report For 2020 Is Out, And It's All About Environment Crisis!

The Global Risks Report 2020 by World Economic Forum states that all five biggest global risks in terms of likelihood in next 10 years are environmental.


"I Host A Retreat In Bali Every Year To Give An Introduction On Conscious Lifestyle," -- Blogger Valeria Hinojosa

Valeria Hinojosa transcends all physical barriers through her blog 'Water Thru Skin', to reach people who care about an eco-conscious lifestyle.

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