Central & South America

25 Best Places To Visit In South America, From The Wetlands Of Brazil To Easter Island

From the wetlands of Brazil to the beaches of Uruguay, here are the best places to visit in South America according to experts.

Central & South America

This South American Country Is Often Called The 'Astronomy Capital Of The World'

From geodesic domes to private observatories, discover the top stays for unparalleled stargazing in Chile's Atacama desert.


Chile's Futaleufú River Has The World's Most Epic Whitewater Rafting — Here's How To Plan Your Trip

For more than a century, gauchos and adventurers have been drawn to the mighty Río Futaleufú, in Chile for whitewater rafting.


Our Writer Recalls Witnessing The Solar Eclipse At The Chilean Lake District

This traveller crossed 8,851 kilometres to witness the glory of a solar eclipse in the year of the pandemic at the Chilean Lake District.


The Most Amazing Remote Restaurants In The World

How far can you literally travel to get a delicious plate of food? We've listed here the most amazing remote restaurants in the world.


This Epic Cruise Will Take You To Patagonia & Antarctica To Spot The Solar Eclipse This December

This cruise itinerary combines multiple bucket list trips into one, taking travellers on a journey through Patagonia and Antarctica.

The Conscious Traveller

This Traveller Couple Gave Up Their Corporate Jobs In London To Explore The World Together

Traveller couple and BOLDiscovery founders Jupp Schmit and Nandita Nanda share exclusive details of how and where it all started.


Northern Lights Take A Back Seat As Southern Lights Is All The Rage Now!

While the Northern Lights has always been on our bucket list, we cannot keep calm with our latest obsession, the Southern Lights or Aurora Australis.


Here's How You Can Plan A Beach Vacation At Home With This New Sand Pool Trend

Sand pool in your backyard is the new trend this summer, so that COVID-19 travel restrictions don't keep you deprived of a beach vacation.


#DreamEscapes: Zapallar Is Chile’s Most Exclusive Coastal Retreat

With its glorious sands and million-dollar vacation homes, Zapallar is Chile’s most exclusive coastal retreat that keeps families coming back.


#SomeGoodNews: While Humans Stay Indoors, Animals Take Over Empty Streets

With humans being locked indoors, the otherwise crowded cities have become safe for animals to roam freely on the streets without any disturbance.


In Pictures: The Cats Of Torres del Paine National Park In Patagonia, Chile

Latika Nath, wildlife conservationist & photographer walks through Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia to capture the wild creatures living there.


Half Of The World's Beaches Could Disappear By The End Of This Century

According to a study published by the Journal Nature Climate Change, half of the beaches around the world could disappear by the end of this century!


Water Babies, Take Note Of These 10 Seaside Sanctuaries

This year, swim against the tide and soak in the beauty of these lesser-explored coastal destinations, or seaside sanctuaries, if we may say.


We Find Out Why There Are Giant Stone Heads In The Pacific Ocean!

Heard of Easter Island Heads before? We tell you why there are giant stone heads in the Pacific Ocean. Read on to uncover this marvel of a mystery!


DGTL: The Global Music Extravaganza Is Coming To India

DGTL, the global music festival that has much of the world already grooving to its eclectic tunes is now coming to India.


Why These 'Secret' Marble Caves In Chile Will Trigger Travel Envy Like None Other

Chile is home to some of the real natural wonders. The marble caves in Patagonia are definitely one of them. Discover the natural shades of blue here.


Follow Your Stars: Travel vs Zodiac

If you take your travels seriously, then read on to know your travel horoscope for 2016. Whether what your stars say is true or not, it will be a fun read!

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