Cambodia's Crown Jewel Named The Eighth Wonder Of The World

One of the top attractions of Siem Reap in Cambodia, Angkor Wat has surpassed Italy's Pompeii to become the eighth Wonder of The World.


Planning A Diwali Vacay? You Can Visit These 11 Asian Destinations Under INR 1 Lakh

Without worrying about a big dent in your bank balance, we tell you 11 Asian destinations you can visit from India for under INR 1 Lakh.


Cambodia’s Newest And Biggest Airport Aims To Bring More Tourists To Angkor Wat

Cambodia has a brand-new airport for travellers flying directly to its popular attraction, the Buddhist temple of Angkor Wat.

Southeast Asia

Indulge In Opulence: Best Hotels In Siem Reap For The Perfect Getaway

From former imperial guest houses to grand old colonial hotels set in luxuriant landscapes, here are some of the best hotels in Siem Reap.

Southeast Asia

This 'Lost City' In Cambodia Is As Mesmerising As Angkor Wat, With None Of The Crowds

Not far from Angkor Wat, archaeologists have uncovered a network of ancient temples — and opened a window into Cambodia's history.

Southeast Asia

Siem Reap Travel Guide: Everything You Need To Know About This Historically Rich City

Along with the city’s vibrance and a rich cultural heritage, there are plenty of things to do and places to visit in Siem Reap. Have a look!

Southeast Asia

This Hotel Is One Of The Best In Southeast Asia; It Gives Exclusive Access To Angkor Wat

Amansara, one of the best hotels in Southeast Asia, is a 24-suite luxury hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia which was once the king's guesthouse.


Craving A Weekend Trip? Here Are Some Ideas For A Getaway Near Bangkok For September 2022

There are a lot of fun new openings in Southeast Asia this month. Here are 4 weekend trip ideas near Bangkok to embrace them all.


7 Countries Under INR 5 Lakh You Can Visit Instead Of The Maldives

Instead of the Maldives, explore these countries that offer some of the best experiences, stays and food under INR 5 lakh!


New Adventures Await: Explore These Top 20 Asian Destinations On Your Future Holidays

Whatever be the flavour of your holiday--adventure, spirituality or romance--you'll find a fitting emerging Asian destination on this list.


8 Weird Foods And Dishes That Will Probably Leave You Shocked

While patrons of weird dishes have acquired tastes, first-timers may not enjoy them because of their smell, appearance or taste.


Sun, Sand And Sea: Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Asia

Beautiful Beaches in Asia - If you are dreaming of taking a beach vacation when travelling is normal again, check out this list of top 10 most beautiful beaches in Asia.


New Study Reveals The Cities With The Bluest Skies. Any Guesses?

This study makes it easier to hunt down and narrow on some of the cities with the bluest skies in the world. Take a look!

Cambodia’s Angkor Temple Complex Closes For 2 Weeks To Curb The Spread Of COVID-19

A COVID-19 outbreak in Cambodia has led to temporary closure of the Angkor temple complex, the country's most popular tourist destination.

The Conscious Traveller

This Traveller Couple Gave Up Their Corporate Jobs In London To Explore The World Together

Traveller couple and BOLDiscovery founders Jupp Schmit and Nandita Nanda share exclusive details of how and where it all started.


These Bioluminescent Beaches Around The World Will Give You New Travel Goals

The bright light show put up every night by our aquatic friends at these bioluminescent beaches around the world will leave you stunned.


Move Over Bali Swing, The Next Vacay Will Be All About These Spectacular (Secret) Swings Around The World

Did you know about these scary yet spectacular swings that exist around the world? Read here and we bet you'll get the chills right away.


Cambodia Is Charging Travellers A Very Unusual Fee And It's Not Just For COVID-19 Tests!

If you're planning a trip to Cambodia, be prepared to pay USD 3,000 service charge for all your COVID-19 tests, quarantine and even cremation.


#StepAhead: Vietnam May Resume International Tourism With Phu Quoc Island

As Vietnam plans to resume tourism, it invites international tourists to Phu Quoc, the biggest island in the country. Details inside.


#SomeGoodNews: Cambodia Lifts Travel Restrictions On Six Countries

Cambodia, Southeast Asia’s favourite amongst travellers, lifts travel restrictions and is welcoming tourists back after containing the Coronavirus spread.


Travel Back In Time With Google Earth's Virtual Tour Of 30 Heritage Sites

Tune into Google Earth today, and get ready to time travel to the bygone era, with its virtual tour of 30 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Actor-Director Nandita Das Talks About Women-Friendly Countries!

After starring in over 40 films and directing two, Nandita Das recently sallied into the literary world. Here is an excerpt from our conversation at KLF.


Coronavirus Kills 361 In China! How Is The Rest Of The World Doing?

As coronavirus kills 361 in China, with at least 17,205 cases of infections so far, we review condition across the globe.


No More Elephant Rides At Cambodia’s Angkor Wat From 2020 

In a welcome move, the famous Angkor Wat in Cambodia is all set to bid adieu to the elephant rides it is so famous for.


Next Time You Visit Sri Lanka, Don’t Pay For The Visa!

The Sri Lankan government has made travelling to the island nation hassle-free with their new free visa on arrival for Indians!


Travel Blogger Kamya Buch Talks About How She Embraced The Nomadic Life

Travel Blogger Kamya Buch, who is also a digital nomad and founder of an NGO, Healing Planet Earth, shares how travelling has helped her discover herself.

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