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Rohan Shrestha


Rohan Shrestha may make his living by photographing Bollywood’s most glamorous stars, but he is a celebrity in his own right. The Indian photographer of Nepali origin has shot some of the most memorable covers of Travel+Leisure India & South Asia over the last year, capturing the enchanting grace of Huma Qureshi on the pristine beaches of the Maldives and the timeless beauty of Sonakshi Sinha in cosmopolitan Macao, among others. Shrestha’s lenswork goes well beyond the glitz of B-town, and his travel pictures are equally mesmerising. An exploratory traveller who posts his visual stories under the alias Nomad Within, the photographer says he finds himself bursting with ideas every time he goes exploring a new destination. “I love cities and small towns alike; I have gone off to live on a boat, island camping, mountain camping… Wherever I go, I adapt to the destination.”

“Travel is my means of perspective-building. I owe a large part of my personality to it.”