People Who Is Cédric Grolet, The French Pastry Chef Who's Currently Making Waves In Singapore

Who Is Cédric Grolet, The French Pastry Chef Who's Currently Making Waves In Singapore

If you’re not following Cedric Grolet on Instagram, we suggest that you do now. Here is everything to know about the talented pastry chef.


By Paint Chayanin Published on Sep 24, 2023, 02:00 PM

Who Is Cédric Grolet, The French Pastry Chef Who's Currently Making Waves In Singapore

If you’re not following Cédric Grolet on social media, we suggest you do so now. The renowned French chef is one of the most talented pastry chefs of our time, and just by browsing through his feed, you won’t be able to resist the urge to make a beeline for his new outlet in Singapore right now.

As Cédric Grolet’s first Asia outpost opened in Singapore on September 14, 2023, Asian fans are flocking to the country with high hopes. It is undeniable that his presence on social media has allowed international fans to witness his skills and products. Since he started his Instagram account in 2013, it has contributed hugely to his outlets’ success.

Yet Cédric Grolet’s talent and fame didn’t come easy. The 38-year-old French pastry chef is armed with experience in the kitchen, starting as young as 13 years old. Here’s a closer look into his background and success story.

Who is Cédric Grolet, renowned French Pastry Chef and TikTok Sensation?

Childhood in Loire Valley

Image credit: Cedric Grolet

Grolet grew up in the Loire Valley in central France, a region hailed as the largest UNESCO World Heritage Site in the country. It was these scenic surroundings with beautiful vineyards that fed him memories of sumptuous wines, cheeses, and honey. His grandparents’ restaurant served as a playground for 11-year-old Grolet, and at the age of 13, he slid into the professional world of patisserie as a kitchen apprentice. A year later, he enrolled in pastry school.

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Along with his passion for pastries, he also took art classes, a subject that he claims enhanced his creativity in the making of baked goods.

Moving to Paris

Cédric Grolet
Image credit: Cedric Grolet

In order to pursue his dream of becoming a pastry chef, Grolet moved to Paris when he was 21. He trained in the city’s iconic Fauchon, and afterwards practiced in the boulangerie and product development department.

After six years of training and exploring pastry art in overseas locations such as Beijing, Dubai, and Morocco, the rising star secured the position of Pastry Sous Chef and later on Pastry Chef at the two-Michelin-starred Le Meurice.

who is Cédric grolet French pastry chef
Image credit: Cedric Grolet

When one of the world’s most revered culinary chefs, Alain Ducasse, took over the hotel, he challenged the method that Grolet was using. In an interview, Grolet explains, “Alain Ducasse is in fact not a big fan of sugar. He gave me a suggestion to cut back the sweetness, and instead highlight the natural taste of the ingredients as much as possible.”

It was a career-defining moment for Cédric Grolet as a pastry chef.

Great flavours, iconic presentation

Cédric Grolet french pastry chef singapore bakery desserts
Image credit: Cedric Grolet

Cédric Grolet’s baked goods that we see today emphasise the natural products that he grew up with, especially fruit. With his strong connection and affection towards fruit from a young age, the pastry chef aims to make his fruit-looking desserts more delicious than the real thing. His creations are never overly sweet, following Ducasse’s advice, and exhibit the strong DNA of French pastry with a delicious twist.

To date, some of his incredible most notable creations are Le Melon, Abricot, Coco, and an endless many more.

Cédric Grolet now has four branches worldwide: Opéra and Le Meurice in Paris, The Berkeley in London, and COMO Orchard in Singapore.

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