People Know Rhythm Mamania, The 10-Year-Old Who Reached The Mount Everest Base Camp

Know Rhythm Mamania, The 10-Year-Old Who Reached The Mount Everest Base Camp

Rhythm Mamania, a 10-year-old skater, recently became one of the youngest Indians to summit the Everest Base Camp.


By Eshita Srinivas Published on May 30, 2022, 11:42 AM

Know Rhythm Mamania, The 10-Year-Old Who Reached The Mount Everest Base Camp
Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy of AirNewsAlerts/Instagram

Rhythm Mamania, a 10-year-old national-level skater, recently became one of the youngest Indians to summit the Everest Base Camp in the Himalayan ranges in Nepal. Her journey involved battling low oxygen levels and navigating extreme weather conditions. Here’s everything you need to know about the trailblazer. By Eshita Srinivas

Everest Base Camp, located at an altitude of 5,364 metres, recently bore witness to one of the youngest climbers to conquer its terrain. Rhythm Mamania, from Mumbai, took 11 days to complete her expedition to the tumultuous destination along with her parents. With no formal training or a coach, Mamania practised on her own to achieve this feat, setting a stellar example by picking up all her litter along the way as well.

Rhythm Mamania’s passion for climbing began at age five

Rhythm Mamania, 10-year-old at Everest Base Camp

Mamania is currently a class five student of Met Rishikul Vidyalaya, Bandra. The 10-year-old is also an award-winning skater, having won the gold medal at the National Roller Skating competition in Mohali (2021) as well as the National Roller Skating competition in Chandigarh (2021).

Her mother, Urmi, stated that the young girl’s love for mountaineering began at age five, which led to her first long trek at Dudhsagar where she conquered 21 kilometres, as per a report by Times Now. Since then, she’s summited several peaks close to home, in the Sahyadri mountain ranges. This includes Karnala, Lohagad, and Mahuli. The 11-day expedition to Mount Everest Base Camp by Satori Adventures, Nepal was a natural next step for the adventurer.

Mamania battled nausea and extreme weather to conquer Everest Base Camp

Over nine hours of brutal weather along with low oxygen, steep terrain, hailstorm, spells of nausea, and blistered feet, met Mamania along her journey. However, the trailblazer remained unfettered, being quoted in a news report by DNA as saying, “It was my aim to reach the EBC summit so I did not bother about the cold. I enjoy sports. Yes, the occasional hailstones were a novelty.” Her mother added, “Rhythm is a national level skater so her thigh muscles are strong. But it is her will and her moral conscience that is worth mentioning. She opted to climb down while others were engaging helicopter rides to descend.”

At around 1:00 pm on May 6, 11-days after she decided to head to the base camp, Mamania became one of the youngest to take in the sights of the mountainous region with her parents by her side. Rishi Bhandari of Satori Adventures, Nepal clarified this by stating, “I do not have a complete record of the age and nationality of all those who summit EBC. But most people from India, especially Mumbai and Maharashtra, go through my company, and Rhythm is certainly the youngest in this respect.”

He further added, “I was inspired to see that she did not complain despite being nauseous and tired by the arduous climb. Another elderly breathless trekker had to be airlifted out, but Rhythm was like a soldier who motivated others by her strength, fitness, energy and enthusiasm.” To get to this point, Mamania practised by running up and down a long flight of steps near Shastri Garden every day at 5:00 am, as per the report by Times Now.

To add to this, she decided to collect all her litter, ensuring it doesn’t take years to decompose in the mountains and, in turn, minimising her impact on the ecosystem of the region. She stated in a report by the Times of India, “Along with skating, trekking has always been my passion, but this trek taught me how important it is to be a responsible trekker and also solve the mountain waste management problem.”

Her feat also left her with several insights into life, which she shared by stating, “Skating ring or base camp summit, it’s the determination that gets you a long way.”

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy of AirNewsAlerts/Instagram

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