Quick Style On Dancing Around The World


Quick Style On Dancing Around The World

Quick Style isn’t your ordinary dance group. They bring a refreshing blend of dance styles and culture infused with popular beats and catchy moves. In a conversation with Travel + Leisure India & South Asia, Nasir Sirikhan, co-founder of Quick Style talks about why India is memorable to them and their journey since their wedding video kala chashma went viral.

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From winning Norway’s Got Talent in 2009 to choreographing for global pop sensations such as BTS, the dance group has come a long way. In the world of dance, some groups stand out not only by captivating audiences with their extraordinary skills but also by uniting different cultures. Norway’s Quick Style is part of this latter league. With unique moves, Quick Style has left a lasting impact on the global dance scene.

Quick Style’s journey is a tale of unwavering dedication. The members represent a variety of cultures: Pakistani, Thai, Namibian, Norwegian, Finnish, Filipino, Indian, Sri Lankan, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Swedish, Hong Kong Chinese and Moroccan. The group’s ability to understand and embrace different cultures through their performance makes Quick Style stand out.

The group got its first taste of success when the YouTube video of their dance performance on the Bollywood number Kala Chashma at a wedding went viral. They’ve got a knack for giving old-school Bollywood classics a fresh twist. Take, for instance, their peppy renditions of Hindi classics. The founders having grown up in an Oslo neighbourhood comprising Pakistanis and Punjabis, have been exposed to this kind of music since childhood and they have tried to recreate their memories with their performances.

The dance group shares a special bond with India and on their second visit to the country, Travel + Leisure India & South Asia caught up with Nasir Sirikhan, co-founder of the group for an exclusive chat. They tell us how they draw inspiration from the various countries they travel to and how they like indulging in local experiences around the world.

Excerpts from the interview with Nasir Sirikhan, Co-founder of Quick Style:

You have visited India for the second time. What stood out the most during your visits?

This trip was a bit different in terms of us having more time to enjoy the local experiences. From directly meeting Mumbai’s lifeline, the Dabbawalas to dancing along the coastline between flirting couples. We soaked up the culture, learned lots of new things, and returned more enlightened.   Since we had more time to relax during this trip we got closer to people on a personal level and were able to give more of ourselves to the moments, which is a great way to experience Mumbai.

Quick Style

Tell us about your journey since the Kala Chashma video that went viral.

After Kala Chashma, it's been a roller coaster ride to be completely honest. One that won the hearts of the audience we never knew we wanted. A lot of the collaborations happened because the trend closed a bit of the gap between us and the Bollywood actors but it took pure skill and a sense of decision to achieve everything else. Most artists including ourselves don't really vibe with individuals solely because of fame and numbers but mostly because of character and personality. Luckily everyone we have met so far have been humble and loving to us.

Quick Style

You have collaborated with Bollywood stars. What were the highlights of working with artists from the Indian film industry?

The highlight of working with Indian artists is being able to see their dedication up close and personal. Their passion for their craft was inspiring. And the ability to handle the overwhelming fame every single day.

IG-DC-Quick Style-1080x1350px4

As a dance crew, how do you manage to maintain the group's dynamics and unity while exploring individual growth and artistic development?

Individual growth fuels our collective creativity, we've grown together while evolving separately. We try our best to always compliment each other's style during the creation process.

Quick Style

If you could create a dance routine based on a famous movie scene, which movie would it be, and what dance styles would you incorporate?

That's a hard one, we are often inspired by movies and life situations but not literally. Mostly the vibe and emotion.

IG-DC-Quick Style-1080x1350px6

What's the most hilarious blooper or funny moment that has happened during one of your performances or rehearsals?

There's something happening in every rehearsal and we continuously roast each other. If you watch our YouTube series Sorry Not Sorry, then you will see that our whole teamwork is a big blooper.    

IG-DC-Quick Style-1080x1350px7

How has travel played a role in inspiring your dance routines and incorporating elements from various countries?

Every process has its own structure and flow but we need to have one decision maker that is influenced and inspired by everyone around. We have chosen to share our entire process in our mentioned YouTube show Sorry Not Sorry as well.

IG-DC-Quick Style-1080x1350px9

If you could organise a "Dance Around the World" tour, which countries or cities would you love to perform in, and why?

We would definitely love to travel to the places according to our demography but also visit new places that appreciate our craft.

IG-DC-Quick Style-1080x1350px11

Quick Style's dance videos often showcase breathtaking outdoor locations. How do you choose your locations?

Our shooting locations dictate a lot of the outcome. It's extremely important to us, we travelled all the way to New York form Oslo just to have a change of scenery and location.

As you travel to diverse places, you must experience unique cuisines. Are there any memorable food experiences from your journeys that stand out?

Our food needs are at a level that is hard for many kitchens to keep up with. Since we have been lucky enough to travel a lot and eat tons of exciting food from simple street food to Michelin star restaurants, our passion for food has grown. Food that stands out for us are always home cooked or at least a family recipe.

IG-DC-Quick Style-1080x1350px14

What can Quick Style fans expect from the group in the coming months?

They can expect a Quick Style takeover not only in dance but in multiple verticals as well.   Related: Rajkummar Rao: A Kaleidoscope Of Myriad Moods

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