People 15 Indian Travel Influencers To Spark The Wanderlust In You

15 Indian Travel Influencers To Spark The Wanderlust In You

The Instagram handles of these 15 travel influencers feature stories and tips and tricks that inspire and amaze thousands of followers.


By Naina Atri and Anushka Goel Published on Nov 10, 2022, 03:00 PM

15 Indian Travel Influencers To Spark The Wanderlust In You
Image: Courtesy of Karsten Winegeart/Unsplash

The Instagram handles of these 15 travel influencers feature stories, discoveries, and tips and tricks that inspire and amaze thousands of followers. Check them out below, and hit the follow button on their profile for some #travelinspo! By Naina Atri and Anushka Goel

Social media has generated a new breed of tastemakers who hold immense sway over public opinion. Online influencers are undeniably key to public life – be it cooking, food, beauty or fashion. And when it comes to travel, their impact is practically tangible.

From inspiring people to give in to their wanderlust to inspiring envy amongst their countless followers, these wandering souls reflect and contribute to trends in travel. From exploring off-beat destinations to rediscovering their own city or state in a whole new way, these travel influencers have garnered a steady and loyal fan base that only keeps increasing. This is thanks to their travel photos, reels and the countless tips and tricks they share over on their various social media channels, telling you how to make the most of your experiences and not get scammed.

These popular bloggers also allow you to explore various travel spots in your own city, experience it in a whole new way and learn more about its history. Their content draws one in, and their photography is breathtaking, making you feel like you’re with them in that moment.

So, in case you’re on the lookout for some old (and new) travel influencers to follow, here’s a list of 15 vagabonds who decided to stop wondering and instead, started moving.

15 travel influencers you need to follow on Instagram ASAP!

An economics teacher turned businessman and then traveller, Isa realised that his true dream was exploring the world and travelling. But, that didn’t happen in an instant! Believe it or not, this avid photographer said in an interview that initially, he didn’t like to travel as much. It was when he hit a rough patch that he took a trip to Kheer Ganga, and well, the rest is history. Now, Isa’s Instagram is flooded with travel reels and pictures, which serve not only as inspiration for travel, but photography as well.

Image: Courtesy Instagram/khan.isa

Image: Courtesy of @khan.isa/Instagram

In the span of five years, Shivya Nath dismantled her life and transformed it, with travel at the centre of it all. She became a vegan nomad, and the offshoots of her wanderings are many – a book, a sustainable travel-inspired clothing line that raises funds to grow forests in Uttarakhand, and a deep belief in slow conscious travel. Her journey has been recognised by many, including the BBC and the Washington Post. Nath is constantly developing her ‘passion projects’, all dedicated to the cause that had led her to take on a major gamble back in 2011. From the cubicle in an office to now a life on the road, Shivya’s Instagram is dedicated to sharing her thoughts, travels and advice with her massive online community.

Fun fact, Shivya was one of T+L’s Trailblazers of 2021.

Image: Courtesy Instagram/shivya

With his work featured in iconic publications such as the Huffington Post, Ajay Sood’s award winning blog ‘Travelure’ has a dedicated following. With numerous awards to boast of, such as the Best PhotoBlog Award by Gujarat Tourism and Innovative Council of Indian Tourism, Travelure is an addition to your feed that you won’t regret. Sood travels the world with his camera and is a bonafide storyteller. His recent series on UNESCO sites, which is set to be completed by 2022, captures his unique perspective as a traveller.

Image: Courtesy Instagram/travelure

Larissa D’sa has been on the move for years now, creating travel-related content for her more than 7 lakh followers. The influencer began as a lifestyle creator, posting DIY videos on YouTube and creating art. The traveller has now found her niche, and if you look at her Instagram, you’ll realise that her artsy aesthetics are everywhere. Maybe this is what makes her so popular and well-loved!

Image: Courtesy Instagram/larissa_wlc

Image: Courtesy of @larissa_wlc/Instagram

Abhinav Chandel’s first solo trip at 23 sparked a passion for travel that he hasn’t able to shake off since. Fast forward a few years, Chandel, from his base in Mcleod Ganj, travels instinctively. His photographs are incredibly beautiful and memorable, but his commitment to seeing his travel dreams through have been inspirational to many. To get a taste of his vision, check out our interview with Chandel on his trips to Sangla Valley in 2019.

Image: Courtesy Instagram/abhiandnow

For Shramona Poddar, travel and meeting new people are deeply intertwined. Her page exudes positivity through her joyous posts. Having travelled across the country, Poddar has many callings. Along with photography, she also co-runs the Amrapali boutique. Poddar uses her platform to share her honest thoughts that address important issues such as the unreality of curated online lives and or the alienating nature of social media.

Image: Courtesy Instagram/mishti.and.meat

Aakash’s Instagram bio reads ‘I have a crush on the world’, and maybe that’s why he is on a quest to visit all the countries in the world. Aakash has visited 46 countries so far, 27 states in India and all eight Union Territories, and his Instagram is proof of his many travel experiences. The entrepreneur is not just a travel photographer – he is a content developer and storyteller in the true sense, engaging in enriching experiences and sharing his learnings with his many followers.

Image: Courtesy Instagram/wanderwithsky

Image: Courtesy of @wanderwithsky/Instagram

Travel had been a key figure of Sharanya Iyer’s childhood but it was only in 2015 that she realised just how deeply she had been bit by the travel bug, or in her words, an ‘incurable disease’. A glance at her Instagram lets one know that, disease or not, Iyer has welcomed travel wholeheartedly. Iyer is constantly in search of novel and exhilarating experiences, like snorkelling between two continents with the temperature was at two degrees celsius. The larger aim of her online presence is to prove to people that travel on a low budget is attainable. Iyer is an influencer who truly understands the responsibility she holds, and her platform reflects her commitment to her community.

Read her interview with us on what makes Oman a post-COVID must-visit destination.

Image: Courtesy Instagram/trulynomadly

We’re well aware that practically everyone, and their mother, follows the it couple of travel, Savi and Vid, better known as Bruised Passports. They’ve been together for practically their whole lives, but their transition into full-time travellers was gradual. With luxury and local experiences as their weak spots, the duo has travelled all over the world. Along the way, they’ve garnered a massive following. For the two, travel is less about checking things off a list and more about immersing themselves in different cultures.

Check out their contribution to T+L – trust Savi and Vid to know the best spots for a romance-filled vacation!

Image: Courtesy Instagram/bruisedpassports

Siddhartha started to create travel-based content as a means to share his evening travel stories with his friends. Soon, it blew up into his full-time profession. The travel blogger, photographer and designer, as his Instagram bio reads, has travelled extensively in India. He has explored carious nooks and corners of the country, sharing stunning images and inspiring reels from the same.

Image: Courtesy Instagram/siddharthajoshi

Image: Courtesy of @siddharthajoshi/Instagram

Aakanksha Monga is truly an influencer, with scores of posts on her feed that are dedicated to giving constructive advice, carefully created themed lists, and revealing what a travel blogger’s life truly looks like. Revealing all, the good and the bad, Monga’s Instagram is honest yet supportive of aspiring travellers, especially women. Monga seeks to break boundaries of age and gender, as she shares her finds on travel essentials, local travelling groups and safe stays. If you’re planning a solo trip, don’t forget to check out her Instagram.

Image: Courtesy Instagram/aakanksha.monga

From a sheltered life to a life that’s quite literally all over the place, Ankita Kumar has long since burst out of a bubble that many would be too scared to venture out of. Having traversed through the Himalayas, Bolivia, Peru and so many more destinations, the travel influencer is on a new adventure – van life. With fellow travellers, Kumar has been living out of brightly coloured caravans, that are giving us major travel inspo (and FOMO) for 2022.

Back in the summer of 2020, Ankita shared with us her love for Brazil, and the hidden gems she discovered.

Image: Courtesy Instagram/monkey.inc

A lifestyle journalist and traveller, Flexcia gained popularity due to her content on her hometown, Goa. Each image and reel explores a new place in the state, and she’s known to discover unique coves and waterfalls in the most off-beat locations in Goa. Travel for her was a very personal journey, and her niche content has made her a popular name in the travel industry. Her steady fanbase of 120k followers is a testament to that!

Image: Courtesy Instagram/flexcia_dsouza

Image: Courtesy of @flexcia_dsouza/Instagram

A travel blogger with a ‘regular’ job, Anunay Sood is an inspiration to those who seek to fit their itch to travel into their work lives. His personal captions that deep-dive into his travels have caused Sood to amass a considerable following. Travel is also what brought Sood to Brinda Sharma, and together, they’ve been on the hunt for adventures. Find out more about the ‘wanderbugs’ through their 2020 conversation with us.

Image: Courtesy Instagram/anunaysood

Last but certainly not the least is Prakriti Varshney, a mountains aficionado. Her travels have covered Leh-ladakh, Nagaland’s Dzukou Valley, Basar in Arunachal Pradesh, Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh and many a mountain peak. But for this vagabond, being environmentally conscious is just as integral to her as are the hills. Though Varshney is an inspiring traveller in her own right, she is an important inspiration to women who need a boost of confidence to trust themselves in a world that may underestimate them. Plus, she has great tips for vegan travellers and her epic photos are enough to get one planning their own trip up the hills.

Image: Courtesy Instagram/itsinthename


Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy of Karsten Winegeart/Unsplash

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Naina Atri and Anushka Goel

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