The Ultimate Guide To Diwali Gifts For Avid Travellers

Once the monsoon ends in India, it gives way to cooler evenings and the beginning of the festival season. Among the few celebrated in the last quarter of the calendar year is Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, which can’t be complete without Diwali gifts.


This year, Diwali will be celebrated on 4 November, and it is one of the biggest Indian festivals. The festival marks the beginning of a new financial year and the end of the harvesting season. It also symbolises the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness.

While the festivities entail getting together with your dear ones, the Festival of Lights includes a host of preparations like sprucing up your home and adorning it with flowers and lights to seeking blessings of gods and goddesses, inviting friends and families, buying clothes and feasting. However, among these, one thing almost everyone looks forward to is exchanging gifts.

Gifting is one of the ways to let a loved one know how much they matter to you. But first things first, you need to gauge their interests to select Diwali gifts that will be of utmost use to them. Giving something that holds great emotional value can also be kept in mind when choosing gifts. And like many amongst us, if your loved one is into a lot of travelling — for either pleasure or work — look no further.

We have got you covered with Diwali gift ideas that will make any traveller’s heart dance with joy as they are aimed at making journeys comfortable and organised.

Several countries, now, have lifted travel restrictions that were put in place due to a raging COVID-19 pandemic last year. So, our list below will help you find a suitable gift for a friend, family member, colleague or partner for a trip they may be planning in the months to come.

Here is the ultimate guide to Diwali gifts for travellers. From grooming kits and organisers to comfy sneakers and neck pillows, these gifting options will prove to be useful for travellers of all kinds.

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Grooming Kits

Who doesn’t like to put their best self out there when travelling

A grooming kit is a good gifting option for a man who loves to look his best, whether it is an adventure or a business trip. 

These products will make them look no further for their self-care needs, especially when travelling. Amazon.in has some superb options from Park Avenue, Axe or Bombay Shaving Company



Passport Covers

Why not give your loved one something to adorn their passports, one of their most precious items, with? 

Quirky passport covers are a trendy travel accessory these days. From bold colours to cute prints, you can choose from an array of options. 

Keep in mind the choice of colours and prints before opting for a passport cover. A trendy option for those who love to travel in style, cute passport covers like this one with stamps on it and the striped-yellow one available on DailyObjects are just adorable. 

Tech Kit Organiser

The best thing about this organiser is that you can keep all your tech knick-knacks in one place, without worrying about misplacing anything during your travels. 

Make sure the kit is sturdy and has space to hold together everything, from your charger to earphones. DailyObjects has some good optionsthis one from Tizum is pretty good too.


The perfect gift for globetrotters and frequent fliers is a watch that is sturdy and looks stylish too. Even better if the wearer can select from various time zones. 

Choose a leather or metal band, depending on the preference of the one you are gifting it to. The perfect accessory for those who choose to be on time always, these from Tissot and Fossil are our favourite picks. 


Those who love to travel will agree that the comfort of sneakers is undeniable. 

Besides, a colourful pair of sneakers can be paired with almost any kind of outfit from summer dresses and pant-suits to a good-old jeans-sweatshirt combination, nothing can beat the versatility of sneakers. 

A must-have for all travellers to keep their fashion game on point. These sneakers from Nike and Adidas will steal your heart.


Can there be a better gift for a traveller than a backpack to store all their luggage as they step out to satiate their wanderlust and seek adventure?

Easy to carry, spacious and available in various designs and colours, this gift will surely be cherished by any traveller and be utilised on their next trip. 

This navy-blue bag by Nike and Polo Ralph Lauren’s leather-trimmed cotton-canvas backpack on Mr Porter are some amazing picks. 

Portable Charger

Now, you don’t need to worry about your phone’s battery running out, no matter where they are. With a portable charger that can comfortably fit into your pocket, one can charge their phones anywhere. 

Explore each place to the fullest and click amazing pictures; fret not about low battery raining on your parade and focus only on making memories as you travel. Mi and OnePlus are some good choices.

Neck Pillow

Journeys can be tiring and catching a nap during travelling can be a little tough. 

A neck pillow will ensure that one gets the required comfort to sleep. Plus, they come in so many cute colours and patterns which only add to their desirability.

Add an eye mask if you want to and make the gift all the more special. The next time your friend sleeps peacefully on a flight, you will be in their thoughts. 

Both Nordstrom and Amazon.in have some adorable sleep mask-neck pillow combos to choose from. 

The Ultimate Guide To Diwali Gifts For Avid Travellers

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