These Eco Retreats In Assam Lets You Experience The State’s Celebrated Biodiversity

Complete your vacation in Assam by staying at one of these eco retreats, which reflect the state’s rich culture and biodiversity and will let you in on an entrancing staying experience. By Yagnoseni Das

Assam is one of the most unexplored places in India. But over the recent years, with the emergence of immersive travel among travellers the state has seen a fair amount of visitors due to its repute for being house to incredible biodiversity. The visitors do not the state disappointed. Clad with aromatic tea plantations, stunning valleys, strong rivers, thick jungles and hilly regions, Assam offers its guests a vast platter of geographical diversity. And the opportunities for an experience of life are endless. So why not add that extra element to your travel plans by considering staying at one of these eco retreats that let you experience the magic of immersive travel and explore beyond just tea plantations and the amazing wildlife?

Here is our list of five eco retreats in Assam

Diphlu River Lodge

This beautiful rural-style jungle lodge is nestled on the banks of the Diphlu river beside the Kaziranga National Park. The bungalow overlooking the beautiful river and the jungle provides a very tranquil environment for visitors. The lodge consists of eight bungalows and is well furnished with modern facilities. The interiors are filled with decor pieces of locally made artifacts and handicrafts which is a tell-tale sign of support for the local small scale producers. The guests are also provided with a vast culinary option to choose from, but we would suggest exploring the exquisite Assamese delicacies to complete the vacation on a perfect note.

Image: Courtesy of Diphlu River Lodge

Nameri Eco Camp

Nestled amidst the beautiful wilderness at the foot of the majestic Nameri National ParkNameri Eco camp lets its visitors experience in a five-day tour of both Nameria and Kaziranga National Park. It is a tented accommodation In a lush open area well equipped with cabins and dining areas. Visitors can enjoy leisure time sitting around the bonfire at the campsite Nameri national park boasts of housing several species of mammal including elephants and tigers and a bird list of around three hundred species including white-cheeked partridge and rufousnecked hornbills, and if the visitors are lucky they might catch sight of a few of these species. 

Image: Courtesy of Nameri Eco Camp

Wild Mahseer Eco Resort

A heritage stay named after the world’s toughest game fish, Wild Mahseer Eco Resort is a biodiverse hotspot where the visitors can experience the best of nature while travelling mindfully.  Serenely tucked in the Brahmaputra valley and nurtured by the local communities of the Eastern Himalayas, the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark in residence at Wild Mahseer is an elusive natural and cultural paradise. Located 25 kilometres away from Tezpur, Wild Mahseer is a bio-diverse ark of over 1,00,000 plants, more than 90 species of birds and over 72 species of butterflies and is also the gateway to the forests of Pakke, Kaziranga, Nameri and Orang.

Image: Courtesy of Wild Mahseer Eco Resort

Le Maisun De Ananda

La Maisun De Aanada is an embodiment of an authentic Assamese village settlement with its all bamboo architecture. Additionally, along with being located in the beautiful river island Majuli, this modest-looking resort looks very homely and comforting with a lounge terrace facing the beautiful view of green foliage. And the cost being just INR 800 for a day isn’t a bad deal either!

Image: Courtesy of La Maisun De Aanada

Infinity Resorts, Kaziranga

Within a walking distance from the Kaziranga National Park, Infinity Resorts provide their visitors with a taste of luxury being amidst the natural bliss. The quaint looking cottages are well furnished with Assamese style furniture and the walls are adorned with traditional handmade decor. While giving the visitors the authentic rustic experience in an Assamese village, the resort also has modern facilities like A/C, coffee maker, LCD TV along with a well-furnished en-suite bathroom. And the in-house restaurants offer a vast choice of options with North Indian, Chinese and other continental cuisines.

Image: Courtesy of Infinity Resorts, Kaziranga

These Eco Retreats In Assam Lets You Experience The State’s Celebrated Biodiversity

Yagnoseni Das

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