These High-End Street Food Places In Delhi And Mumbai Ensure Delicious Flavours And Careful Hygiene!

Street food is undoubtedly the best and most easily available gastronomic pleasure that one can ask for. But if you’re looking for some finesse in your favourite treats, these restaurants in Delhi and Mumbai serve the best high-end street food that you must try. By Anushka Goel

Every region in India has its own special street food offerings, be it the vada pav in Mumbai, kachori-sabzi in Delhi or the galauti kababs in Lucknow. While the experience of indulging in these street delights and relishing in the sweet and spicy flavours is an experience in itself, right now, because of the pandemic, not many are willing to step out to these thelas because of quality and hygiene issues.

If you’re one of them, we understand the struggle to indulge in that delectable mix of flavours at a place that’s hygienic and serves up the same taste that you love so much. So, we’ve rounded up some of the best outlets high-end outlets in Delhi and Mumbai that serve up delicious street food, for you to indulge in lip-smacking flavours in a comfortable ambience.

7 places in Delhi and Mumbai for high-end street food

Mister Chai, Delhi

The recently revamped menu at Mister Chai, a plush open cafe located at Shangri-La Eros New Delhi, serves up some of the most delectable street food varieties. Along with an array of ‘tapri vaali chai‘ offerings, including masala chai, cutting chai and kadak chai, which you can pair with sides such as gur para, namak para, rusk and more, to exquisite green teas and coffee varieties, which are accompanied with cookies, the place serves up street food offerings such as butter chicken samosas, Mumbai Vada Pav, Keema Pav, Kale Patta Chaat (a take on the popular palak patta chaat), and more. The menu is a street food lover’s heaven, and their extensive pastry section is sure to curb your tea-time sweet cravings! We recommend polishing off your desi meal with their biscoff cheesecake for the ultimate sweet treat!

Image: Courtesy of @shangrilanewdelhi/Instagram


Yet another restaurant in Delhi, Lakhori at haveli Dharampura is nestled in the narrow lanes of Old Delhi. Once here, however, you’ll be transported into an altogether different world with its ambience. If you arrive at tea time, we recommend having some purani dilli waali steet food items such as their palak patta chaat, kachori-sabzi, aloo and mint kebabs, pani puri and more, and feel the flavours of the street explode in your mouth in a clean, hygienic and posh setting. We recommend polishing off the meal with their aloo paan ka zarda, which will give you the luxury experience of eating a paan, with a sweet potato fritter of sorts.

Image: Courtesy of Anushka Goel

Farzi Cafe

Known for their innovative takes on desi cuisine, Farzi Cafe outlets across the country serve up some delicious street food treats as well. Those looking for authentic yet innovative flavours must give the food here a shot and treat themselves to some pao bhaji, vada pav, dal chawal arancini (yes, not street food per se but definitely comfort food!), raj kachori and more, and polish off the meal with some of the delectable desserts on offer!

Image: Courtesy of @farzicafe/Instagram

Cafe Delhi Heights

The restaurant chain, that’s only a few years old, has established a network of restaurants across India that serve up some delicious Indian and continental offerings. And if you’re craving some high-end street treats, head to the cafe to sample their menu, which consists of the basic chai and pakodas to dishes such as Masala Omelette Bun, vada pav, along with a variety of tikkas, to satiate your hunger for delicious food.

Image: Courtesy of @cafedelhiheights/Instagram

Cafe Pluck

Cafe Pluck at Pullman New Delhi Aerocity is known for its delectable offerings, which include desi and international treats. The restaurant’s street food menu includes delights such as aloo and butter chicken samosas, shakarkando ki chaat, vada pav, dahi puchka and more, to take you on a journey through India’s street food without ever leaving your seat!

Image: Courtesy of @pullmannewdelhiaerocity/Instagram

Angrezi Dhaba

Like its name, Angrezi Dhaba outlets across Mumbai exude a cool and eccentric vibe. The menu here has some common and some quirky Indian street food offerings, such as chicken sev puri, kanda bhajiya, samosas and more which will surely satisfy your craving for some street food, and then some more!

Image: Courtesy of @angrezidhaba/Instagram

Masala Kraft

One of the fanciest places in Mumbai, the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Colaba has the Masala Kraft restaurant, which is known for its delicious Indian offerings served with a twist. And if you’re looking for some high-end street food, this is definitely the place to be, with its kabuli chana chaat, chowk ki tikki, and various vegetarian and meat kebabs that are on offer.

Image: Courtesy of @foodjournal_mumbai/Instagram

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy of Anushka Goel

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These High-End Street Food Places In Delhi And Mumbai Ensure Delicious Flavours And Careful Hygiene!

Anushka Goel

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