Dining We Tasted One Of The Costliest Liquors In The World — And We're Mind-blown!

We Tasted One Of The Costliest Liquors In The World — And We're Mind-blown!

Louis XIII Cognac has made it to the list of the costliest liquors in the world. We sample it to understand what makes it so special.


By Srushti Kulkarni Published on Aug 18, 2022, 02:36 PM

We Tasted One Of The Costliest Liquors In The World — And We're Mind-blown!

Time and again Louis XIII Cognac has made it to the list of the costliest liquors in the world. This time, the luxury liquor brand introduces its two largest and rarest crystal decanters for the first time in India. T+L India & South Asia visits their official retail partner in Bengaluru for a tasting experience. By Srushti Kulkarni

Created for connoisseurs who take pleasure in celebrating life’s most precious moments with extraordinary elements, Louis XIII Cognac has set foot in India to honour the magnificent celebrations of the country. For the first time, the premium liquor brand extends its iconic collection to Indian connoisseurs by surrounding itself with talented liquor retail pioneers that share the same vision for excellence. As part of this journey, Louis XIII announced the certification of its first two official retail partners in the subcontinent. Geared to offer a premium experience, Louis XIII invited wine and spirits lovers to discover its two largest and rarest crystal decanters displayed at Mansionz by Living Liquidz in Bengaluru.

Discovering the decanters

Mansionz by Living Liquidz store

After sipping on welcome drinks, I am ushered to see the beautiful bottles showcased at the Mansionz by Living Liquidz store, next to a tasting room. The gorgeous LOUIS XIII Jeroboam (3L decanter) and the Mathusalem (6L decanter) are placed on a sublime tailor-made display in the centre of the store. From selecting the most precious eaux-de-vie for Louis XIII to sourcing an exquisite blend sourced from Grande Champagne, Brand Ambassador Malo Le Mestre gives me a breakdown of the origins of Louis XIII during our walk through the store.

“The Jeroboam decanter requires a team of 11 craftsmen while the Mathusalem requires the skills of no less than 20 master crystal artisans”, explains Le Mestre. I learn these beautiful crystal decanters have been mouth‐blown, cut, shaped, and painted by hand by craftsmen for generations.


With only 200 Jeroboam decanters and 50 Mathusalem decanters released worldwide every year, no wonder these decanters are considered exquisite collector’s items and passed down through families as a perfect heirloom. Each of these legendary crystal decanters are not only numbered to keep a record of their rarity, but are also ringed with 24 carats of fine gold.

Post the store tour, Le Mestre and Craig Wedge, director of Living Liquidz India’s retail operations, join guests for the most-awaited moment of the evening. They begin with a brief introduction and proceed to list the exceptional features of Louis XIII Cognac. The duo also reveal what to expect in the first sip of the premium potent and request everyone to savour the spirit drop by drop. I oblige.

Tasting Louis XIII Cognac

Louis XIII Cognac

The cognac is served in Christophe Pillet-designed glasses – a traditional Louis XIII pipette known as a Spear. The design is such that the deep reddish-copper liquid poured into the glass appears like a sunflower in full bloom when viewed from above. Soon, an aromatic bouquet of flowers, sweet fruits, and subtle spices are accompanied by the endless complexity of ethereal notes. Named after King Louis XIII of France – the Cognac protector, Louis XIII features a melting pot of aromas evoking passion fruit, honey, myrrh, honeysuckle, dried roses, cigar box, plum, leather and figs. The tasting experience is accompanied by appetisers, each of which unveil intense and complex sensations.

Where to find

You can find the 3L and 6L decanters of Louis XIII Cognac at Mansionz by Living Liquidz in Bengaluru, and at Vaz Enterprises in Goa.


Price on request. The exclusive range is available exclusively with Louis XIII certified retail partner, subject to pre-order and worldwide stock availability.

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Srushti Kulkarni

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