These Sports Bars In Bengaluru Are Showcasing The FIFA World Cup Live!

This season is screaming with all the excitement given so much to do and attend this season. But specifically talking about the sports passionates, this season is definitely receiving all the cheer from them. Ever wondered what would football in Bengaluru seem like? With the FIFA World Cup already around the corner, let’s make you consider the best sports bars in Bengaluru that are set to screen the FIFA World Cup live! 

While we do enjoy those lethargic and cosy match days at home but watching those very powered matches somewhere else, joining hands with the rest of the sports fans along with some chilled beer and appetising bites takes you to a whole different era. And, hello! What greater place than these electrifying sports bars in Bengaluru? Trust this ultimate list of the best sports bars to watch this year’s football championship in Bengaluru and have one gala time staying glued to the screens.

Quite evidently, it is of no surprise that Bengaluru comprises a good enough list of sports bars, clubs, and pubs across the town, given the fact that it is a definite centre for some of the best players and best teams in India, one is simply bound to get overwhelmed with such voluminous choices. Right from the boisterous sports bars to the sophisticated and calm ones, this city has it completely covered for you.

Following a match does set a loading ambience, isn’t it? One can certainly not help but feel as if they’ve been taken through a ride on one of those dangerously high roller coasters. A ride that perfectly exhibits all sorts of emotions running through at that point of time. The very stamina of a sports bar only assist in intensifying this feeling with lively jeers and cheers showing up from every possible corner. So, dial up your pals, grab a pint, order some lip-smacking snacks and reserve a spot at one of these best bars in Bengaluru for this year’s FIFA World Cup.

Experience the craze for football in Bengaluru at these top sports bars in the city

Arbor Brewing Company

This is remarkably known to be India’s very first American Craft Brewery. And, when the question is about watching football added with a happening ambience, then the first place that knocks at the door is Arbor. Already being te home pub of Bengaluru’s Football Club, this place is where almost all sports’ fans gather. The most interesting thing about this place is that it shows ultimate respect for the competition that heats up the environment. Fans in favour of the losing team shall get the fans of the winning team a beer and the fun banters take all over the crowd. The companionship at Arbor Brewing Company is simply too prominent to not talk about. You get the entire freedom to choose from the options of watching the World Cup at five different screens.

Try their Bangalore Bliss Beer, the burgers with sweet potato fries, and their delectable nachos. During the Fifa World Cup, they have additionally curated offers exclusively for their visitors, to help them stay glued to the game, throughout. You also get to pre-buy your drinks with other offers.

Average Cost: INR 1,800 for two people (approx) with alcohol

Image Credit: Arbor Breweing Company/Instagram

Allied Grand Plaza, 3rd, 8, Magrath Rd, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025
08 050144477
Xtreme Sports Bar

Are you someone who prefers the environment to be crazy and enthusiastic while cheering up for you favourite team? In that case, you have to head to Xtreme Sports Bar, in Indiranagar. If you don’t mind gelling along a wild crowd as well, then you may even head to Extreme Sports Bar in New BEL Road or the one in Sarjapur. This happens to be one of the most energetic sports bars comprising good number of screens to excitingly witness the much-awaited Fifa World Cup!

The drinks and food are comparatively economical at this place. You can try their nachos, tempting paneer and chicken tikkas, and also chicken wings along with a satisfying ber dispenser to keep that lively mood in you spirited throughout the game.

Average Cost: INR 1,500 for two (approx) with alcohol

Image Credit: Hybrid Storytellers/Unsplash

No.765, 4th Floor, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore - 560038, Near Sony Centre
Big Pitcher

When it’s about celebrating Fifa World Cup, the Big Pitcher highlights itself in the bigger picture as one of the best sports bars in Bangalore. This bar has literally everything covered and is jammed throughout the whole night. If you want to stay assured of settling with the best spot then you have to reserve that spot in advance. The best part is it consists of an open-air ambience which makes it even more comfortable and breezier to grab a chilled drink, gobble some appetising cuisines and cheer your voice out while watching the World Cup.

Along with a lot of delicious options to eat and drink, you can try their bar food which is always a must-try! You may even go for their craft beer, mocktails, pork, tiramisu, and simply more.

Average Cost: INR 1,600 for two (approx) with alcohol

Image Credit: Big Picther

Ward No.88, L R Arcade, No.4121, HAL Old Airport Rd, next to Leela Palace, HAL 2nd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008
Bhola & Blonde

Bhola and Blonde disclosed itself with its deluxe outlet in the lively Indiranagar in Bengaluru this year itself. An idealistic hub for both Bollywood and sports fans, Bhola and Blonde, if turned on the mood, activates the Sufi vibe by playing touching Sufi music and tropical Bollywood music. If you want to live up to the feel of watching the Fifa World Cup in a luxurious style, then this contemporary place is for you.

Average Cost: INR 1,600 for two (approx) with alcohol

Image Credit: Louis Hansel/Unsplash

968, 2nd Floor, 12th Main Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008
098672 11199

Sriracha is a place at UB City, that has always maintained its lively spark and continues to address itself as one of the top bars in Bengaluru when it comes to rejoicing any sort of event, especially popular matches. You could identify this place as one of Bangalore’s OG culinary gems, and frankly, it never even let anybody down. The thorough environment of Sriracha is absolutely vibrant and energetic.

Sriracha has already planned to set the stage on fire with the arrival of the Fifa World Cup 2022, with an array of Steamed Bao Buns exclusively keeping in mind all the football fans. Vegetarians can even go for their “Braised Forest Mixed Mushrooms” and “Crispy Corn Fritters” to boost the liveliness while savouring the chilled beer.

Average Cost: INR 1,500 for two (approx) with alcohol

Image Credit: Sriracha

204, 2nd Floor, Comet Block, UB City, UB City Mallya Road, Near Lavelle Road, Bangalore
8041755366, 9606054210

Sanchez in Bengaluru is an enthusiastic Mexican hub that welcomes you with a delightful Mexican legacy. This particular place is widely famed because of the magnetic evenings and nights that it hosts. It comprises the best places to honour celebrations of almost every kind. And, now that it’s the time for Fifa World Cup, this abode is all geared up with the best options to designate itself under the top sports bars in Bengaluru to screen the Fifa World Cup this year!

Sanchez has exclusively launched a chain of huge Mexican-style sandwiches, and you can call them “Torta.” Especially for the World Cup, an entirely different menu has been curated. Starting from their special 1+1 offer, the specially curated menu will be available to the guests at both outlets of Sanchez.

Average Cost: INR 2,200 for two people (approx) with alcohol

Image Credit: Senchez

204, UB City, Vittal Mallya Road, Near Lavelle Road, Bangalore
8041755266, 9606054210
Doff Pub

The Doff Pub is popularly known for its welcoming abode for all sports fans. The match might not even go as you anticipated, but the very ambience and hospitality of this pub will make you head back there for yet one more match with the same amount of zeal you had when you first visited this place. Here, you will also find a separate sports games corner where you can just quickly try your hands on for a while if at all your bums and eyes demand rest after good many hours staring at the screen. With a tropical and very chill ambience, you can always count on this place for giving you an unforgettable idea of what exactly watching football in Bengaluru looks like.

Average Cost: INR 1,600 for two people (approx) with alcohol

Image Credit: Doff Pub/Instagram


654, 2nd Floor, Navajyoti, 100 Feet Road, Near BIBA, Indiranagar, Bangalore
9113910316, 9036737098

Hero Image: Courtesy Sriracha; Featured Image: Courtesy Sanchez

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These Sports Bars In Bengaluru Are Showcasing The FIFA World Cup Live!

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