5 Places In Delhi That Offer An Amazing Teppanyaki Experience

With long spatulas, umami aromas, and an array of sauces, vegetables, and meats, teppanyaki is a style of cooking that’s dramatic, visual, and eye-catching. It’s the theatrics that makes for a unique dining experience, and so we’ve curated a list of places that serve teppanyaki in Delhi. By Anushka Goel

Teppanyaki is a Japanese cooking style, an amalgamation of two words — ‘teppan’, which means a hot iron plate, and ‘yaki’, which means grilling. Thus, teppanyaki cuisine consists of meats, vegetables, noodles, rice, and more, cooked live on a hot grill and served to customers.

In recent years, Japanese cuisine has gained popularity among Indians, with the famed sushi and dim sum finding a place in takeout boxes or in-restaurant dining across the country. And with teppanyaki being a healthier form of cooking, with marinated meats being cooked to perfection and a medley of vegetables being stir-fried right in front of awestruck customers, the cooking style is slowly gaining popularity across the globe and in India.

However, while Japanese restaurants are plenty in Delhi, those serving teppanyaki-style cuisine are limited, but the experience in restaurants is unmatched. Whether it being an entire teppanyaki menu or just a couple of dishes to choose from, these restaurants are doing their bit to introduce the technique, which emerged over 200 years ago, to Indians. And we’ve rounded up the places that offer teppanyaki in Delhi so that you can experience the fresh flavours yourself.

5 restaurants to visit for some teppanyaki in Delhi

Kylin Experience

One of the best places for some teppanyaki-style cuisine in Delhi, Kylin Experience offers a variety of meats, vegetables, and noodle and rice-based dishes cooked up right in front of the customer. Guests can opt for the teppanyaki menu – vegetarian or non-vegetarian – which consists of a miso soup, salad, appetisers such as black pepper chicken, chicken fingers, lamb bulgogi and other dishes, along with some delicious noodles and fried rice.

The drama comes with the way your food is cooked in front of you, as you sit comfortably on the bar chairs and relish the delicious offerings that Kylin has. The food is fresh, hygienic and full of umami flavours, undoubtedly a delight for someone who loves Japanese cuisine.

Image: Courtesy of Anushka Goel

TK's Oriental Grill, Hyatt Regency

One of the oldest places in the city serving up teppanyaki cuisine, Hyatt Regency Delhi’s Japanese restaurant T.K’s Oriental Grill serves up some delicious offerings cooked fresh in front of you by a personal chef!

Enjoy the mouth-watering vegetables and meats on offer as you watch your selection being grilled to perfection. Choose from their vegetable, meat and seafood a-la-carte menus or their set menus. Then, sit back and interact with the chef, as he marries the perfect blend of sauces and proteins into the perfect dish for you.

Image: Courtesy of @hyattregencydelhi/Instagram

Guppy By Ai

One of the best places in the city for some delicious and healthy Japanese food, Guppy by Ai is a popular spot that is a must-visit for its umami flavours. Its teppanyaki offers are limited to its grilled exotic vegetables, but we’re sure this dish will be enough to make you want to come back time and again, for a tasty experience!

Image: Courtesy of @guppydelhi/Instagram


The plush, multicuisine restaurant in The Chanakya features 17 international cuisine with live kitchens – something that is also a classic feature of teppanyaki cuisine. The teppanyaki offerings here include delicious tofu, a variety of vegetables, seafood, and dishes such as chicken bulgogi, all cooked to fork-tender perfection that speaks of savoury, umami flavours which will keep you going back for more.

Image: Courtesy of @mkt_thechanakya/Instagram


Kampai serves up some delectable modern Japanese cuisine, from sushi rolls to ramen and more. Some of their offerings include teppanyaki-style lobster and teppanyaki fried rice, with chewy bits of rice charred on the grill mixed with the sauces, giving a delectable, smokey flavour.

Other delectable offerings include sushi rolls, various meats and seafood, and an array of soups, noodles and rice for you to enjoy.

Image: Courtesy of @experiencekampai/Instagram

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy of Kylin

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5 Places In Delhi That Offer An Amazing Teppanyaki Experience

Anushka Goel

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