11 Places In Delhi-NCR That Make Salads Delectable And Fun

If you’ve been craving a good salad but don’t know where to look, we’ve rounded up the best places to indulge in some salads in Delhi! By Anushka Goel

A refreshing salad not only packs a punch but also helps eat clean. With a variety of ingredients and combinations of dressings, there’s always a salad (or many salads!) for your tastes and preferences. The combination of fresh, green leaves, with a grain or two, protein, along with a flavourful dressing of choice — vinegarette, oils, sauces and more — makes for a delectable treat that is high in fibre and nutrients.

However, if all your salad-making efforts have gone to waste until now, we suggest sampling some from restaurants known for their combinations of leafy greens and various nuts and berries. These cafes in Delhi have some of the best salads that we know of and believe us, you’ll be drooling over them, too!

9 Places for the best salads in Delhi

Located in Delhi’s Green Park, Uncafe serves up some delectable salad varieties that will be sure to satiate you and keep you full. We love their Korean Salad and their Indigranious salad (which, as the name suggests, uses indigenous grains along with leafy greens and other yummy ingredients). The best part is that they serve seasonal, healthy food that isn’t hidden behind artificial flavours – you get what you see – and the meals are filling and comforting. They also serve bowls, open sandwiches and wraps that are as delicious as their salads, so be rest assured that there’s something on offer for everyone!

Address: S-35 A, Green Park, Main Market

Call: 011 4357 5252

Image: Courtesy of @uncafesalad/Instagram

A place for all things healthy, Salad Days not only serves up some amazingly refreshing salads but a variety of soups, gourmet sandwiches, overnight oats and more. They take pride in serving fresh, farm-to-table meals to retain the flavour and crunch of the ingredients used. Try their Chicken teriyaki salad, falafel farmer salad and more, or opt for their equally flavourful desserts and smoothies for a bit of sweetness.

Call: +91 96438 00901

Image: Courtesy of @saladdaysco/Instagram

Caterspoint is a go-to for many in NCR who are looking for delicious food that’s healthy. Be it protein-packed poha or delicious sandwiches packed with eggs and meat, or even a bowl of scrumptious salads, Caterspoint has it all! Opt for their egg and blueberry salad, or indulge in their variety of pastas, sandwiches and poha options for a satisfying meal.

To order: Check them out on Zomato and Swiggy

Image: Courtesy of @caterspoint/Instagram

One of Delhi’s favourite Asian restaurant chains, Mamagoto has a small but carefully curated salad section that offers the tastiest treats. Indulge in their umami flavours, paired with the freshness of greens, crunchy veggies and protein, these salads are simply unmissable. Try their Som Tam salad, Nippon Broccoli and Date salad and others on the menu for a yummy, unforgettable treat.

Text: +91 85888 60519 to order via WhatsApp

Image: Courtesy of @mamagotofunasian/Instagram

Coast Cafe offers some really amazing flavours that boast of freshness and authenticity. And if you’re looking for some salads in your meal, the place has some great offerings featuring leafy greens, quinoa and other grains that will leave you wanting more!

Order here.

Image: Courtesy of @coastcafeindia/Instagram

If you want some healthy, vegan treats, Greenr Cafe has them. Opt for their yummy offerings such as falafel hummus, or indulge in one of their many salads, from soba noodles to sweet potatoes and even their Himalayan amaranth salad.

Time: 12:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Image: Courtesy of @begreenr/Instagram

Olive is probably one of Delhi’s most-loved places to dine out, and its food speaks volumes of its carefully crafted dishes. The restaurant also offers some really delicious salads on their menus, such as pear, currants and blue cheese salad, amla, fie-seed mix and mango ginger, and more, which you should definitely try if you’re looking for some indulgent salads in the city!

Call: +91 98102 35472 / +91 99104 57373

Image: Courtesy of @olivedelhi/Instagram

If you’re in Gurugram and need a delicious, healthy pick-me-up after work, Olly serves up some amazing dishes, including a variety of salads, some of them perfect for the summers. Enjoy their mango and rice noodle salad for a taste of summer, or their burrata salad, among other offerings.

Address: DLF Cyber Hub, Cyber City, Gurugram

Image: Courtesy of @weareolly/Instagram

Fig & Maple in Delhi serves up some of the most delectable salads in the city. The place serves food made with seasonal ingredients that are sustainable and ethically sourced, ensuring that your indulgence is delicious, healthy and guilt-free. While they have a lot of salads on offer, we suggest trying their namesake, the Fig & Maple salad, which boasts fresh figs, seasonal fruits and veg, and more!

Call: +91 99110 74347 / +91 9971174576

Image: Courtesy of @figandmapledelhi/Instagram

Big Chill Cafe is known for its sweet treats such as cheesecakes, but did you know that the restaurant does some stellar salads, too? Their popular ceasar salad is a delectable blend of lettuce, croutons and creamy dressing, and their blue cheese salad is definitely worth a try.

Cost: INR 1,500 for two (approx)

Image: Courtesy of @bigchillcafe/Instagram

If you’re looking for an Instagrammable cafe in Delhi that serves up yummy healthy treats, Diggin is the place for you. Their outlets are complete with lush greenery and some of the most stunning decor in NCr. And to top it all off, the place serves up all kinds of treats – from pastas to pizzas and calzones, to delectable salads, too. And their Caesar Salad is a must-try!

Address: Outlets in Anand Lok, Chanakyapuri and Connaught Place

Image: Courtesy of @diggincafe/Instagram

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy of Jasmin Schreiber/Unsplash 

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