Hosting a New Year’s Party? Here Are 10 Fun Snacks To Bring In 2022

Here’s a list of quick and yummy New Year food to amp up your 2022 celebration. By Yagnoseni Das

From making a New Year’s songs playlist, arranging an assortment of cocktails, to putting up party decorations, hosting A New Year’s party that the guest will remember till the next year is never easy. While we are in the middle of the pandemic, house parties are also a rarity, but you can still make New Year’s fun by calling over a select few close ones over for a treat. And while you may be racking your brains for prep and decor ideas, we have taken care of arranging a quick, easy, and delicious menu and the recipes for your spread. From contrasting flavours and textures in each dish, your guest will not be bored throughout.

Fun New Year’s party snacks to try this year

A plain old grilled sandwich might be easy and hearty, but you do not want to serve this at your amazing New Year’s celebration. Give this old classic a sophisticated and tasteful twist by adding apple slices for the sweetness and replacing American cheese with creamy Gouda.

Image: Shutterstock


Bombay potatoes are a brilliant thumb-sized side dish to any feast. We assure you that his Indian-style dish will woo your guests with its spicy and crispy exterior and creamy soft interior!

Image: jamieoliver.com

Kale might not sound appetising, but the fried version of this healthy cruciferous veggie is an entirely different story. The crispy chips can be made delicious with the right seasonings. Also, add this to your New Year’s spread for that one health-conscious guest.

Image: minimalistbaker.com

They are delicious, classy, and very easy to make. But above all, they are bite-sized, so that you can indulge guilt-free while keeping more room for other New Year’s treats.

Image: Shutterstock

Add a unique twist to your New Year’s spread with a steaming spread of this deliciousness. Fresh fish fried with aromatic Indian spices along with the classic tandoori taste will be a refreshing replacement of the meat options that we usually see. Also, be ready with refills since these will be devoured in no time!

Image: maunikagowardhan.co.uk

Another healthy addition to your New Year’s spread! Considering how much of rage avocados were this past year, why not include it here as well? This heavenly snack is a fun rendition of the usual french fries with crisp exteriors due to the breadcrumb coating, and a creamy soft interior.

Image: loveandlemons.com

A very easy and delicious appetiser, baked brie is a perfect addition to your feast. Arrange a melty pile of baked brie on a charcuterie board with some fruits and crackers and voila! Added points for the aesthetics, too.

Image: acouplecooks.com

Bring the deliciousness of the Indian street food to your table by adding Paneer Frankie or Paneer Kathi Roll to your feast. Hearty and filling, your guests will never have enough of it! Make them small so that guests can enjoy the other snacks, too, while they feast on these delicious rolls.

Image: acouplecooks.com

These translucent rolls are everywhere on social media, and rightfully so. Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls are packed with fresh flavours and served with an insanely addictive peanut dipping sauce that hardly takes a minute to make. We suggest you arrange the assortments of the dish and let your guests make their own and make a fun mini activity out of it.

Image: recipetineats.com

As the name suggests, these are really crack. No, I’m joking!  New Year’s Crack is a crowd favourite and is addictively good since you just cannot be satisfied with one. These crispy crackers with rich buttery caramel and chocolate over them are heaven sent and are a must-eat for the celebration!

Image: iambaker.net

Hosting a New Year’s Party? Here Are 10 Fun Snacks To Bring In 2022
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