Dining What Makes Kayani Bakery In Pune One Of The Most Iconic Spots?

What Makes Kayani Bakery In Pune One Of The Most Iconic Spots?

Kayani Bakery in Pune is famous for its Shrewsbury Biscuits and other baked goods. Here's why it is one of the most iconic spots in the city


By Ananya Swaroop Published on Oct 01, 2023, 12:02 PM

What Makes Kayani Bakery In Pune One Of The Most Iconic Spots?

Mornings in the Camp area in Pune are extra special for the residents as the sweet smell of fresh baked goods from Kayani Bakery wafts into this busy street. Famous for its Shrewsbury biscuits, Kayani Bakery is known to bake happiness. With its rich history, traditional recipes and age-old kitchen secrets, the bakery has several loyal customers to date.

Kayani Bakery is one of the most visited spots in the city, and people don’t just come for the Shrewsbury biscuits here. The bakery manages to attract a large number of customers every day who love their cakes, Khari, puffs and other kinds of biscuits. Running for nearly seven decades now, the bakery has an interesting story to tell.

Dwelling into the history of the famous Kayani Bakery in Pune

kayani bakery Pune shrewsbury biscuits

Post 1947, three Iranian brothers arrived in Mumbai, and eventually settled in Pune. Khodayar, Hormazdiar and Rustom Kayani arrived in the city after Independence hoping to live a better life, and decided to open a bakery in the city in 1955. They found a spot in Camp and established a shop that sold freshly baked bread, puffs and pastries. They named the bakery after their family name, with the hope that the business would soon catch on.

The bakery was considerably a little far from the main city, which worried the brothers. They thought that the location could be a big disadvantage for their business. However, nothing stopped the Pune folks from visiting the bakery and trying their baked deliciousness. Today, the bakery still stands in the same location and is still crowded throughout the day.

The principal front of the bakery has the letters “EM” engraved on the facade. EM represents E Muratore, who was an Italian confectioner, caterer and owner of the restaurant called Muratore. The shop’s floor used to be a dance floor. When the Kayani brothers arrived, the place already had a firewood oven at the back. They had to install bigger owens and modern machines later. The ornated ceiling which looks like POP, is actually embossed metal. The original marble floor is kept as it used to be back in the old times.

Who is running Kayani Bakery now?

kayani bakery near me shrewsbury biscuits

The descendants of the three brothers — Sohrab, Paurushasp, Rustom and Farrokh Kayani now run the bakery. Interestingly it was Rustom Kayani, who introduced the Shrewsbury biscuits to the menu of the bakery. The biscuits are so famous that once armed guards of a Prime Minister, who had tasted Shrewsbury biscuits, arrived at the bakery, and asked if he could take some of it back to Delhi.

Changes at the bakery with changing times

kayani bakery menu

The owners of the bakery believe in remaining authentic and hence follow most of the old methods and recipes when baking goods. They, however, did remove some of the food items from the menu, to make it more convenient for the customers to carry it. The Shrewsbury biscuits at Kayani Bakery were initially made with egg. But with demands for more vegetarian options, they experimented and found an eggless recipe for it as well. Other methods and recipes still remain the same.

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Menu at Kayani Bakery

kayani bakery price list

The menu at Kayani Bakery is quite affordable with several baked goods being offered at very low prices. Popular orders apart from Shrewsberry Cookies are Coconut Biscuits, Mawa Cup Cake, Mava Cakes, Vanilla Muffin, and Vanilla Sponge Cake. The highest amount one may pay here is INR 400, and you will be sorted.

Address: 6, DEH, Koyani Road, Camp, East Street
Contact: +91 8999932133

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– What is Kayani Bakery famous for?
Known for its traditional Parsi and Iranian baked goods, the bakery is mostly famous for its Shrewsbury biscuits.

– What is the history of Kayani Bakery?
The bakery was established in 1955 after Khodayar and Hormuz Kayani travelled from Iran to Pune.

– What are the best biscuits from Kayani Bakery?
The Shrewsbury biscuits are the best biscuits made in the bakery.

– Who owns Kayani Bakery Pune?
The descendants of the three brothers — Sohrab, Paurushasp, Rustom and Farrokh Kayani now run the bakery.

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