Craving Flavours Of The Sea? Check Out These Coastal Restaurants in Delhi

Want to eat some delicious seafood but can’t hit the seaside? These coastal restaurants in Delhi offer delicious options to curb your cravings! By Anushka Goel

Seafood is a delicate, gastronomic delight of flavours that packs a punch in a single mouthful. Be it braised, steamed fish or a vegetable stew with simple appam, or heavily spiced dishes such as xacuti or curries, coastal regions in India have dishes that are flavourful and wholesome and will keep you wanting to go back for more.

However, getting a good coastal meal, if you don’t live near the seashore, can be a challenge. The freshness of the seafood is what makes it worth the time (and price), and anything less than perfection isn’t as flavourful. However, there’s no need to worry, because even if you’re in a city like Delhi, you can enjoy the delectable flavours.

Coastal restaurants in Delhi that offer gastronomic delights

As its name suggests, Coast Cafe offers delicious coastal cuisine that is packed with flavour. They offer some delicious coastal recipes such as Cocum curry, beetroot chutney, appams and various other dishes, which are a gastronomic delight, and are healthy, too!

Image: Courtesy of @coastcafeindia/Instagram

The popular South-East Asian cuisine restaurant serves up some delicious coastal treats from the Malabar coast to Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia and more. By Chef Veena Arora, the menu features some gastronomic delights such as Malabar Meen Curry, Pineapple Rasam and various other dishes, which will leave you wanting more.

Image: Courtesy of The Imperial, New Delhi

As its name suggests, Dakshin serves up flavours from the South, from states along India’s coastal line. Their offerings include dishes such as meen moilee, pineapple curry, keerai kootu and more, which pack a punch and unleash a gamut of flavours onto your palate.

Image: Courtesy of @sheraton_newdelhi/Instagram

The place is known for serving up some coastal cuisine in Delhi. Their menu consists of flavourful curries, rasam, egg roast and more, which are as authentic as they are delectable.

Image: Courtesy of @wanderingpickle_/Instagram

One of the city’s finest restaurants serving up coastal delights, Sana-Di-Ge is a beautiful restaurant that serves up coastal, Goan, South Indian dishes. Try their Sol Kadhi, lobster, ghee roast and other offerings and wash it down with a bowl of hot, spicy rasam. Or opt for their seafood thali and relish the delicious fish and other offerings it has!

Image: Courtesy of @sanadige/Instagram

A beautiful restaurant, the place served up dishes that have Pondicherry influences. Needless to say, the menu is a mix of Tamil and French cuisines, for all kinds of people to try some delicious varieties. Choose from a variety of dishes such as the mysore bonda, parottas, uthappams and more, or indulge in dishes such as pastas, quiche and delicious pastries and desserts.

Image: Courtesy of @chateaudepondicherry/Instagram

From Mughlai to Malabari and Mangalorean, Swagath in Delhi’s Defence Colony offers all sorts of cuisine to appeal to all customers. And their coastal offerings are a treat to the tastebuds, such as fish fry, mutton sukha, crab dishes, and more.

Image: Courtesy of @dilsefoodie/Instagram

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy of Ruthra Malai/Unsplash

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Craving Flavours Of The Sea? Check Out These Coastal Restaurants in Delhi
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