Bring The Mountains To Your Plate With These 10 Easy Kumaoni Recipes

Kumaoni cuisine is the food that is special to the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. The cuisine is well known for being nutritious and filling with diverse yet easy dishes. By Yagnoseni Das

There’s nothing quite like experiencing regional delicacies during a trip. The regional culinary specialities are the reflection of the place’s character and give people a glimpse into the lifestyle of the community residing there. Kumaoni food is one such cuisine that accurately represents the culturally vibrant Kumaon with its unique yet rich and robust flavours. And while authentic Kumaoni delicacies might not be readily available, these recipes of some beloved Kumaon dishes will ensure that you can enjoy the flavours as close to the ones made in the mountains at your home while also broadening your culinary experience.

Here are 10 Kumaoni dishes that you must try making


A speciality of Uttarakhand, Phanu is a special curry made from the gahat ki daal available in the hills. Cooked to perfection with spices and herbs, this aromatic curry is best served with rice and is filling to the heart as much as it is to the tummy.

Image: Courtesy of Archana’s Kitchen

Bhang ki Chutney

Yes, you read that right. this famous delicacy is made with bhaang (hemp) seeds. This chutney is served with almost all the food in a Kumaoni household. The spicy and sour chutney acts as a concentrated condiment and adds a nice kick to every dish. And no, unlike the leaves, the hemp seeds do not have any psychoactive properties.

Image: Courtesy of A Mad Tea Party


Aloo Ke Gutke

Aloo Ke Ghutke is yet another regional rendition of this wonderful versatile root vegetable. This quick yet delectable dish is another one of the specialities of the Pahadi cuisine and can complement any meal.

Image: Courtesy of Archana’s Kitchen


Jhangore ki Kheer

One must never forget to sneak in a sweet dish or two in a special list for delicious dishes especially, kheer whose different variations is so well-loved across the country. Jhangore ki Kheer is special to Uttarkhand and is a crowd winner on every occasion. Made with the delicious goodness of Jhangora (barnyard millet), raisins, kewra and milk, this dish is easy to make as delicious it is when served chilled.

Image: Courtesy of Better Butter

Bhatt ki Dal

This special dal is made from organic black soybeans and has a distinct look to it. Made frequently in Kumaoni and Garwali households, this dal is nutritious and is mostly served with rice and rotis.

Image: Courtesy of Archana’s Kitchen

Kumaoni Dal Bade

Kumaoni Dal Vada, locally known as chilka urad dal vada, is crispy and flavoursome fritter seasoned with aromatic Indian spices. This two biter is a favourite amongst the crowd, and it’s hard to just stop at one.

Image: Courtesy of Nav Uttarakhand



This warm and high protein dish is popular in the chilly weather of the Himalayas. Made with roasted black gram daal and seasoned with various herbs and spices, this romantic and rich pulses dish is a great addition to steamed rice.

Image: Courtesy of Annapurna



Another well known Kumaoni sweet delicacy is the Singora. This dish is made from khoya and coconut and requires a leaf of tress special to Uttarkhand mountain slopes named, ‘Malu’ for preparation. These sweets are indulgent and are made to serve on special occasions.

Image: Courtesy of Cookpad



Thechwani is a delicious amalgamation of potatoes and radish roots (pahadi mula) cooked in various Indian spices and herbs. This flavoursome dish is amazing when paired with wheat roti, dal and raita for a filling and nutritious lunch.

Image: Courtesy of Archana’s Kitchen


Pahadi Kheere ka Raita

This regional special raita is basically grated cucumbers or kheera in fresh yoghurt and mustard seeds. It is a common side dish in most Kumaoni households and is quick to prepare. This light and refreshing version of raita is tangy and spicy and elevates any meal.

Image: Courtesy of Fun Food Frolic

Bring The Mountains To Your Plate With These 10 Easy Kumaoni Recipes

Yagnoseni Das

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