Head To These Teppanyaki Restaurants In Bengaluru For An Unforgettable Fare

Marked by flashing spatulas, sizzling flames, and the waltz of ingredients across a large iron pan, the theatrics of teppanyaki make it an unforgettable dining experience. We’ve rounded up a list of restaurants in Bengaluru for a taste of this Japanese fare. By Eshita Srinivas

Japanese cuisine is known for taking healthy, seasonal ingredients and turning them into works of art. Teppanyaki stays true to this characteristic, affixing a certain showmanship to the mix that makes for an incredibly engaging dinner experience. In addition to meat, vegetables, rice, noodles, and a medley of sauces, integral ingredients for a delicious plate of teppanyaki include a skilled chef, a hot iron pan, and an audience.

Coined from the Japanese words “teppan,” which translates to an iron plate and “yaki,” which refers to something being cooked over direct heat, the art form began over 200 years ago when families began preparing their dinners on a small grill. Eventually, in 1945, the first teppanyaki restaurant chain, Misono, opened in Kobe and introduced locals to the idea of cooking Western-influenced food on a large grill in front of an audience. The place was an instant hit with Western soldiers in the region, who found the food more familiar than the traditional sushi and onigiri and enjoyed watching chefs go about the cooking process. As its popularity grew, food stunts and clever one-liners were added to the menu.

This unique blend of modern performance art techniques and traditional flavours has evolved over the years. Today, many chefs entertain diners by flicking bits of egg and meat towards them mid-cook, interspersing every bite with comedic quips and intricate flips of the cleaver or spatula. Unfortunately, despite the host of pan-Asian spots that dot the city, teppanyaki restaurants in Bengaluru are few and far in between.

Top teppanyaki restaurants in Bengaluru

One of the most popular spots for Japanese fare in the city, Shiro’s high ceilings and semi-alfresco seating set the tone for an entertaining night of watching flames dance around teppanyaki tables. Chefs here are known to create patterns with food, keeping the conversation and laughter going as they show off their knife skills. Many invite diners to try their hand at flinging an egg up in the air and cracking it on a cleaver. The results? Delicious plates of fried rice with prawns and chicken, udon noodles with scallions, and mixed vegetables with garlic sauce. Also recommended from the menu are chicken yakitori, sushi, and miso soup. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll enjoy the pecan tart, tiramisu, and chocolate cherry bomb.

Address: 2nd Floor, UB City Mall, Vittal Mallya Road, Near Lavelle Road, Bangalore, Karnataka

Phone: +91 72590 21119

Satiating South Bengaluru’s teppanyaki cravings, this popular, laidback restaurant features a host of international cuisines, of which their sushi, sashimi, and gyoza are quite popular. However, it’s their theatrical experience over at the teppanyaki grills that draws diners from across the city. On offer from the teppanyaki menu are yaki namaage (tofu), grilled mushroom pepper, yasai yaki (assorted vegetables) as well as salmon, tuna, prawn, sea bass, and chicken numbers with your choice of sauces. Once you’ve made your choice, strap on for a grand show of roof-high flames and jaw-dropping stunts, courtesy the chef.

Address: 2802, 27th Main Road, Sector 1, 4th Floor, HSR, Bangalore, Karnataka

Phone: +91 98458 56677

An elegant spot offering Chinese and Japanese fare, Soi and Sake by Taj B offers North Bengaluru the opportunity to experience the delight of watching meat, noodles, vegetables, and rice tossed around on an iron pan by some very skilled chefs. In particular, the chicken teppanyaki comes highly recommended. Other popular options to try while you watch your meal being cooked include wakame, nigiri sushi, and temaki. The matcha tea parfait and matcha ice cream are the perfect way to round out a meal here.

Address: Taj Bangalore, KIAL, Devanahalli, International Airport, Bangalore, Karnataka

Phone: +91 80660 03323

This vegetarian buffet restaurant in South Bengaluru has a range of experiences on offer, from live puppet shows to spontaneous dance performances. Jalsa also features a host of different cuisines, particularly spotlighting Indian and pan-Asian cuisines. In line with this, adding to their other live food counters is their teppanyaki food booth. Watch the chef toss noodles up in the air while adding in a range of sauces and fresh vegetables. Unlike other spots on this list, your plate will feature more local, street-style flavours. The theatrical experience, however, is quite similar. Once you’ve had your fill of teppanyaki, head on over to their live jalebi counters for a sweet treat.

Address: Jalsa, Level 6, Bangalore Central Mall, JP Nagar, Bangalore, Karanataka

Phone: +91 99007 80664

A chic spot serving up the most scrumptious, authentic Japanese delicacies, Harima’s most popular options off the menu are tofu teriyaki, shoyu ramen, and matcha ice cream. The restaurant relies solely on word-of-mouth to bring in customers and many that are regulars here enjoy the tori no teppanyaki, grilled chicken that’s served with a soy-sesame dipping sauce and gyuniku teppanyaki, beef fillet with soy-sesame flavours. The seafood teppanyaki, with prawn, salmon, grouper, and squid is an indulgent option. As is the pork okonomiyaki.

Address: 131, 4th Floor, Devatha Plaza, Residency Road, Bangalore, Karnataka

Phone: +91 80415 10067

Hero and feature image: Courtesy Taj Bangalore

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