Destinations 7 Private Islands In The Bahamas For The Ultimate Tropical Escape

7 Private Islands In The Bahamas For The Ultimate Tropical Escape

When it comes to paradise, it doesn't get more picture-perfect than the Bahamas. It's heaven on earth, but it's no hidden gem.


By SKYE SHERMAN Published on Jan 06, 2022, 03:00 PM

7 Private Islands In The Bahamas For The Ultimate Tropical Escape
Credit: Courtesy of Musha Cay and the Island of Copperfield Bay

When it comes to paradise, it doesn’t get more picture-perfect than the Bahamas. For vacationers, there’s just one thing that can disrupt the fantasy land of swaying palms and teal seas: crowds. And the Bahamas does draw plenty of them — it’s heaven on earth, but it’s no hidden gem. By

Of course, rent a private island and crowds become an instantaneous non-issue. A-list or not, if you can fork up the cash, you too can have an island in the Bahamas to yourself. Below, find seven incredible private islands in the Bahamas that travellers can visit.

Private Islands In The Bahamas

Kamalame Cay

Credit: Courtesy of Kamalame Cay

Kamalame Cay is a 97-acre private island resort where only paying guests can stay. It’s located on a serene and isolated barrier island along the coast of Andros Island. The world’s third-largest Great Barrier Reef is just a km away, so the ocean teems with abundance, and accommodations vary from bungalows to cottages, beach houses, and villas.

Credit: Courtesy of Kamalame Cay

The all-inclusive is also home to the only overwater spa in the Bahamas. The only way to reach Kamalame Cay is to fly to Andros Island or take a helicopter or seaplane directly to the Cay. It doesn’t get more beautiful than this, yet all you have to do to experience it is book a hotel room and plan your arrival.

Bonefish Cay

Those who seek seclusion can get away from it all with a cosy 13.5 acres to themselves at Bonefish Cay. This private island in the Abacos has a sprinkle of buildings where people can stay: aside from the Main Lodge, there are three separate bungalows, but the island can only accommodate a grand total of 14 guests and two sets of staff. Aside from the sandy beaches and long nature trail encircling the perimeter of the island, there is — blissfully — not much else to do but wade in the clear water and soak up the sun. It’s like being stranded on a deserted island… if that island just happened to be a luxuriously appointed retreat with air conditioning. Even better news: If you visit and fall in love with Bonefish Cay, you can buy it for USD 8.2 million (INR 61,00,06,200).

Fowl Cay

Credit: Courtesy of Fowl Cay Resort

Fowl Cay Resort is a private island with six villas spread across 50 acres — in other words, a little slice of heaven all to yourself. One look at the cerulean water surrounding this tropical retreat in the Exumas and you’ll understand the true definition of paradise. The only “civilisation” to speak of beyond the villas is a gift shop, restaurant, and tennis court. If you somehow get tired of relaxing and snorkelling along the island, no worries: each villa at Fowl Cay comes complete with its own powerboat for you to explore the surrounding area.

Over Yonder Cay

Credit: Courtesy of Over Yonder Cay

There are just four stylish villas on the luxurious island of Over Yonder Cay, but it can sleep up to 30 guests, so it’s the ideal spot for a family or team retreat — or the most epic of birthday parties. What was once a remote fishing outpost in the Exumas is now an eco-friendly escape powered by a renewable energy system including three wind turbines and a solar field. There’s also a nine-hole golf course, tennis court, gym, spa cabana, and more.

Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay

Musha Cay
Credit: Courtesy of Musha Cay and the Island of Copperfield Bay

Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay, owned by magician David Copperfield, comprises 11 private islands over 700 acres with five guest houses. But there’s no sleight of hand going on here — you really do have the island to yourself since Musha Cay is available for exclusive rental only. Atop the highest hill on the island sits the 10,000-square-foot Highview house, and the island’s private chef will serve you and your 23 guests at one of the island’s scenic dining venues or directly on a moonlit beach.

Little Whale Cay

Tucked away in the Berry Islands hides Little Whale Cay, a fully staffed private island you can rent. The island can accommodate up to 12 guests in its three villas and has a private airstrip, harbour, boats for fishing and recreation, tennis court, yoga deck, gym, and even a personal chef and masseur on staff. You can also enjoy sailing and other water sports during your stay.

Royal Island

If you recently watched the show The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals on Netflix, you may have heard of the 430-acre Royal Island. There are five bungalows and three additional suites to provide a private getaway for up to 18 guests. Beyond the stunning accommodations, there’s a private chef (who customises the menu to your group’s requests), water sports, and even the opportunity to swim with wild pigs at Meeks Patch.

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