Destinations You Can Travel To These 10 International Destinations From India Via Road

You Can Travel To These 10 International Destinations From India Via Road

If you want to take your trip up a notch, check out these international road trips that you can take from India for the ultimate adventure.


By Anushka Goel Published on Nov 22, 2022, 05:00 PM

You Can Travel To These 10 International Destinations From India Via Road
Image: Courtesy of Dino Reichmuth/Unsplash

Road trips provide the ultimate adventure. And if you want to take your trip up a notch, may we suggest that you go a bit further, and take your car outside India? Yes, you can do that. Check out these international road trips that you can take from India.

We’re advocates for road-tripping, and rightfully so. The feeling of being on the road, with the wind breezing past us, is calming beyond measure. What makes road trips even more special is the actual journey. Travelling through unchartered villages and towns, experiencing the changing scenery and exploring local culture and cuisine adds layers of adventure and learning that not only enrich us as travellers but also enable us to see things from a new, different perspective.

While there are several roads in India that you can hit for a fun adventure, what if we told you that you can, in fact, take your car out and head to international destinations? Don’t believe us? Check out these international road trips that you can take from India for a fun-filled adventure. However, before you plan, be sure to check for border closures, ID proofs and other documents that you might need on the way.

International road trips from India


international road trips from India
Image: Courtesy of Raimond Klavins/Unsplash

Nepal is one of the closest countries that you can drive to. The journey and the destination not only promise stunning views, but ease of travel as well, thanks to stunning views, smooth immigration and clean, good roads. What’s more, you don’t need a visa beforehand, and you will be able to use your Indian driving licence there.

Distance from Delhi: 1,000 kilometres (approx)
Time: 20 hours


Image Credit: Aaron Santelices/Unsplash

The quiet country, which is also among the happiest in the world, is nestled high up in the mountains. Bhutan is great for those who love adventure, but be prepared for the country is quite laidback as a whole. If you’re planning a visit, you can turn it into a road trip from India. All you need is your vehicle, a passport, ID proof and a pre-registration of the vehicle to be able to enter (at Phuntsholing border’s immigration post & the Department for Vehicle Registration).

Distance from Delhi: 1,400 kilometres (approx)
Time: 5 days

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Myanmar tourist visa

The beautiful country of Myanmar is a nature lover’s delight. Myanmar, famous for its pagodas and a calming, serene landscape, is equally famous for its delectable cuisine – be it crab dumplings or Burmese style noodles and stews. What’s more, you can head here via road to explore its scenic surroundings. All you need is your visa, passport, special permits and a carnet (which is a special permit allowing motor vehicles to be taken across for a limited time period).

Distance from Delhi: 2,500 kilometres (approx)
Time: 7 days


international road trips from india
Image: Courtesy of 🄰llauddin 🄼iajee/Unsplash

Bangladesh borders several Indian states, including West Bengal and Tripura. The country, which has a bountiful nature, pristine rivers, and a culture akin to that of Kolkata in many ways, has borders that you can drive through to be able to reach the nation. Head there for a trip to explore its many temples, ruins and the most amazing Bengali delicacies! Keep your passport, visa, special permits and a carnet handy if you want to drive in the country.

Distance from Delhi: 1,800 kilometres (approx)
Time: 6 days


Thailand travel restrictions
Image Credit: Mathew Schwartz/Unsplash

Thailand is a traveller’s paradise, especially if you’re honeymooning. The tropical destination comes complete with beaches and nightlife, with delectable cuisine – from fine dining to street food – to help you make the most of your time here. You’ll have to cross Myanmar to reach Thailand, and that in itself is a serene country to visit. If you have a valid Indian passport, you will be able to get an e-visa on arrival. Be sure to have all the other necessary permits, including an international driving licence and permit, on hand if you plan on undertaking this scenic road trip from India.

Distance from Delhi: 4,100 kilometres (approx)
Time: 9 days

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Malaysia Heritage spots

Next on our list for the best international road trips from India is Malaysia. The beautiful country is known for its stunning beaches and tropical weather, but the nation is equally popular for its modernity and man-made wonders. What’s more, you can drive here from India, as long as you have all your permits sorted. All you need is a passport, visa, international driving licence and a carnet. But be sure to take a look at the entry requirements for the two nations that you will pass through – Myanmar and Thailand – before you decide on taking up this route!

Distance from Delhi: 5,100 kilometres (approx)
Time: 11 days


Best roads in the world
Image Credit: Hu Chen/Unsplash

Singapore is a small country, but one of the main financial centres in Southeast Asia. The small nation is known for its confluence of cultures and cuisine, making it a truly Asian delight. There’s loads to see there, too, such as Sentosa Island and Universal Studios, Marina Bay Sands and its clear blue waters. To drive there from Delhi, you will have to cross through Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia. Be sure to keep your visa permit, passport, carnet and other documents ready before you plan your trip.

Distance from Delhi: 6,000 kilometres (approx)
Time: 13 days

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Image: Courtesy of Nuno Alberto/Unsplash

Even though China’s borders may be subject to strict closure and precautionary checks, the country is an easy one to visit if you are planning an international road trip from India. The country is one of the biggest economies in the world, and comes complete with beautiful mountains, historic towns and the most delectable cuisine. You will need a valid passport, visa, special overland permits for registered vehicles, a temporary driving licence and a Tibet Travel permit.

Distance from Delhi: 4,100 kilometres (approx)
Time: 9 days


places to visit in vietnam
Image: Courtesy of Roméo A./Unsplash

Vietnam has been boosting travel relations with India ever since the country reopened after the pandemic. The Southeast Asian nation has several schemes that are attractive to Indian visitors, such as enough flights, a digital nomad visa and more. And if that wasn’t enough, Vietnam can also be reached by road! All you need is our visa, passport, carnet, permits and local insurance for your vehicle. You’ll have to drive through Myanmar, Thailand and Laos before you reach Vietnam.

Distance from Delhi: 5,200 kilometres (approx)
Time: 12 days

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international road trips from India
Image Credit: Tryfon N. Georgopoulos/Courtesy of Red Savannah

Travelling to this European paradise is a dream for many. With pristine beaches and architectural ruins, Greece is the ultimate destination for all kinds of travellers. To reach, you’ll drive through eight countries – China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkiye – and will make for one of the most scenic journeys ever. Apart from your visa and passport, you’ll need a carnet, international driving permit and a special permit to drive your vehicle in Greece.

Distance from Delhi: 5,400 kilometres (approx)
Time: 10 days

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