These 5 Pet- Friendly Destinations In India Are Perfect For An Inclusive Getaway

Enjoy all the elements of vacationing with your beloved pet at these stunning pet-friendly destinations which will make sure that your furry friend is having as much fun as you. By Yagnoseni Das

We know how heartbreaking it is to wave your beloved pet or pets goodbye while setting off for a vacation. We also know how hard it is to travel with your pet since the transit can become a hassle and not every hotel or resort provides pet-friendly services. Thankfully, there are some destinations with superb accommodations which will allow you and your pet to have the time of your lives. This list features five places along with some select accommodations we think are perfect for you and your furry friend.

5 pet-friendly destinations for you and your pet to consider

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Located on the coast of the Arabian sea, the union territory of Puducherry is not only an ideal vacation destination for you but also for your four-legged companion. Rich with french culture, this charming catholic town in Tamil Nadu, with its cute cafes is sure to win both of your hearts.

One such pet-friendly accommodation to look up is Dune Eco Group. This resort is located on a vast property by the beach and will allow you to spend time with your pet in luxury. The café in the hotel even has tiny menus for your dog or cat! 

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One of the most well-known and visited hill stations in India for its stunning beauty, Ooty is the ideal place to take your pet for a vacation. With several hills, lush valleys, and beautiful lakes, the ‘Queen of Hills’ will let you and your pet walk around and take in the pleasant weather and the unrivalled beauty. 

Destiny Farm Resort, one of the most sought-after farm resorts in India, is a pet-friendly accommodation here that will let your four-legged friend run around and makes friends with other farm animals.

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The most happening vacation destination in India, Goa with its music, culture, seafood and pristine beaches is a must-go. Even more so with your pet.  Most homestays in Goa offer and encourage pet-friendly travel. Among all these, Arco Iris is well known for its pet-friendly accommodation. This 200-year-old Goan house, a venture of the Neemrana Group of Hotels, was restored to its former glory. Overlooking a seasonal lake, this homestay will let you and your pet relax while enjoying the pretty surroundings.

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Besides being a go-to destination for many, Manali is also suitable for pets. With several snow-capped peaks, easy treks and stunning valleys, one can bring their pets along for a safe adventure. And About 20 kilometres away from Manali, the Pine Palace offers you and your pet the ultimate vacation getaway. This property located away from the city has a serene and tranquil feel to it which lets you go for walkies with your dogs in the hills. 

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Well known for its scenic beauty Kottayam also offers many pet-friendly travel amenities to travellers. The Eco-Trail Houseboat offers unique services for you and your dog including separate beds and dishes. Apart from cruising experience in the backwaters of the city with your dog, having a small picnic by the waterfall is also a must-do. However, only dogs are allowed in the houseboats. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Which are the best places in India for pet-friendly vacations?

Answer: Ooty, Goa, Puducherry. Manali and Kottayam in Kerala are some of the best pet-friendly destinations in India.

Question: Are there any dog friendly places in India?

Answer: There are a lot of dog-friendly properties in India and a lot of them can be found in Goa and Ooty.

Question: Where can I take my Dog on vacation this 2022?

Answer: You can take your dogs to the Destiny Farm Resort in Ooty and The Dune Eco Group's resort in Puducherry.

Question: Can I take my Dog on holiday in India?

Answer: There are a lot of destinations in India, such as Goa and Kerala, that let you have a gala time on vacation with your pets.

Question: Which is the best place to travel in India with pets?

Answer: Goa, Puducherry, Manali and Ooty are a few of the destinations that are extremely pet-friendly.

These 5 Pet- Friendly Destinations In India Are Perfect For An Inclusive Getaway

Yagnoseni Das

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