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Did You Know About The Spooky Side Of Ramoji Film City?

Ramoji Film City (RFC), the largest film studio in the world, has given us thousands of films and many unique stories. But, like a twist in a movie plot, the film city has itself become a part of tales, albeit haunted ones.

Much like Hollywood’s Universal Studios, RFC is also a theme park. It has a lot of attractions, such as film sets, live shows, rides for kids and many exciting activities, but it is the otherworldly tales that certainly add to its allure. So if you are intrigued, we suggest you keep scrolling to learn more about the place and its haunting tales.

The Ramoji Film City saga: History and background

Image credit: Bahubali Set/Ramoji Film City

Certified as the largest film studio in the world by the Guinness World Records, the RFC was established in 1996 in Hyderabad by renowned film producer Ramoji Rao, who is also the head of Ramoji Group. Spread over eight sq km, Rao started this film city for tourists and cinephiles.

According to its official website, over 2,500 films have been shot here. Some of the blockbuster flicks include Bahubali: The Beginning (2015), The Dirty Picture (2011), Ghajini (2008), Golmaal: Fun Unlimited (2006) and Enthiran or The Robot (2010).

Ramoji Film City haunted tales

Image credit: Shillika/ CC BY-SA 3.0/via Wikimedia Commons

What do you picturise as you hear the word ‘haunted’ — dilapidated buildings, mysterious corridors or desolate alleys? However, not all haunted places appear like this; instead, many elicit splendour, and the RFC is one such place, allegedly. Although none of the claims has been affirmed officially, people have reported unusual sightings and bone-chilling experiences.

As per various reports, the film city was constructed on the ground where Nizams of Hyderabad had fought against the enemy armies. Many soldiers lost their lives in these wars. It is said that the spirits of these soldiers who died still wander restlessly there.

Numerous accounts suggest that not just chandeliers have fallen from the ceilings, but light men have also unexplainably tripped from heights and injured themselves. Crew members have also experienced a push when no one is around, lights have gone off randomly, and people have detailed many other similar scary experiences.

Many claimed to have seen Urdu scribblings on mirrors. The cast and crew members have reported damage to gadgets and half-eaten food when left for a while. Some people have revealed their clothes being ripped off by something which is not visible.

Actors, too, have narrated similar unsettling episodes, like the presence of someone in green rooms and hotel rooms. Pink actor, Tapsee Pannu, talked about one such incident in an interview last year. She recalled a paranormal incident during her stay in one of the hotels at the RFC complex. “I was alone in the room when I heard some footsteps echoing. Since I am a scaredy-cat when it comes to ghosts, all I did was convince myself that I was imagining things and literally forced myself to sleep,” she said as per media reports.

Tourists have also mentioned hearing unusual voices and whispers in Urdu, and few people have seen gates getting locked on their own.

Although many people have reported such occurrences, it remains a popular tourist place, with some tourists visiting it especially to experience something paranormal.

Ramoji Film City attractions and other details

Image credit: Sibeesh Venu/Unsplash

The film city has numerous stunning attractions, including Bahubali set, Bird Park, Filmi Dunia, Fundustan and Kripalu caves. Alternatively, you can enjoy the rides namely Northern Lights, Mountains and Fjords, The Woods and Cinque Terre. You can also experience a dazzling live show, go shopping or witness the evening carnival.

How to reach: This cinematic world is about 26 km from GMR Hyderabad International Airport and over 30 km from Hyderabad Deccan Railway Station.

Best time to visit: October to March, as the weather is pleasant.

Tickets and prices: Tours are available from INR 1,100 for children and INR 1,350 for adults. The cost goes upwards of INR 3,000.

Ramoji accommodation and hospitality

Image credit: Tara Hotel/Ramoji Film City

The spectacular film city has five luxury and wallet-friendly stay options for its guests. These properties are Sitara Luxury Hotel, Tara Hotel, Shantiniketan, Greens Inn and Sahara. Besides this, it has a wellness offering in the form of Sukhibhava.

While in Hyderabad, you can book your stay from the options below:

Book Your Stay At Hyatt Place Hyderabad Banjara Hills

Book Your Stay At Taj Deccan

Book Your Stay At Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Hyderabad Banjara Hills

Book Your Stay At Vivanta Hyderabad Begumpet

Book Your Stay At Hyderabad Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre

Ramoji events and festivals to attend

Image credit: Venkat Sudheer/Unsplash

Ramoji is perfect for hosting birthday parties, weddings, alumni meets or baby showers, and you can easily choose the package you wish to take. You can also plan excursions for school-going children and college students here.

Also, there are ten different types of carnivals and tours that are organised by the film city, including Holiday Carnival Studio Tour, Hawaiian Night, Ramoji Studio Tour and Ramoji Star Experience.

Pick your favourite carnival/tour here.

Other events include rain dance, carnival parade and food festival.

Image credit: Bahubali Set/Ramoji Film City

For more details about Ramoji Film City, visit their official website.

(Hero and featured image credit: Sumit Poke/Unsplash)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Can I visit Ramoji Film City as a tourist?

Answer: Yes, you can visit Ramoji Film City as a tourist. It has many splendid attractions, such as theme parks and film sets.

Question: Are there any famous films or TV shows shot at Ramoji Film City?

Answer: Yes. Many big-budgeted and famous films have been shot here, such as ‘Bahubali’ and ‘Golmaal.’

Question: Are there any accommodations available at Ramoji Film City?

Answer: Yes, there are many accommodation options in Ramoji Film City such as Sitara Luxury Hotel and Tara Hotel.

Question: Are there any special events or festivals held at Ramoji Film City?

Answer: Yes, many special events are held at the Ramoji Film City, including carnivals and live shows.

Question: How can I reach Ramoji Film City?

Answer: Ramoji Film City is around 26 kilometres from GMR Hyderabad International Airport and over 30 kilometres from the Hyderabad Deccan Railway Station. You can either take a cab or book the transportation provided by the Telangana government.

Question: Is there an entry fee for visiting Ramoji Film City?

Answer: Yes, there is an entry fee for Ramoji Film City. Telangana government offers daily tours. This includes transportation and entry tickets to the film city.

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