10 Best Places For The Fluffiest Min Jiang Kueh (Peanut Pancake) In Singapore

What’s your favourite breakfast staple? If it’s not a plate of kaya toast and eggs or a hearty plate of nasi lemak, our next best bet – if you’re in Singapore – is a slice of fluffy min jiang kueh, or better known to some as the peanut pancake. 

What is it?

Also known as ban jian kuih or martabak manis, min jiang kueh is a popular street snack in Singapore. The traditional version sees lashings of sweet neon-orange coconut or crushed peanuts and sugar sandwiched between the pancake, often cooked to be crispy on the outside and around its edges. Its inside, however, is soft, fluffy, and slightly chewym making for a moreish snack that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Although the old-school versions are still well-loved by the young and old, modern establishments have reinvented the snack, keeping up with the growing competition with their own makeovers. The best ones in Singapore have, for example, substituted the usual fillings with yam, chocolate, and Biscoff. Some have even created savoury versions with ham, and even cheese – vegan ones included. Can’t decide? There are visionary stalls that have married the two flavour profiles to create some seriously addictive options.

Others have taken it one step further to offer variations of the kueh so that there are truly endless combinations available for discerning diners around Singapore, beyond the usual peanut pancake that everyone here knows and loves.

Read on for the full list. 

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Here’s where to get the best min jiang kueh in Singapore:

682 Min Jiang Kueh

682 Min Jiang Kueh has been making its rounds on IG for its fluffy, chewy min jiang kueh that overflow with stuffing. The powdery peanut version is definitely one for traditionalists, while the younger crowd can find their favourites in the subtly bitter Green Tea and the smooth and sweet Black Sesame pancakes.

(Image credit: @saam_waan via Instagram)

682 Hougang Ave 4, Hougang Village, Singapore 530682
Granny's Pancake

Granny’s Pancake is one of our favourites because they manage to ensure a consistent quality amongst all their franchises — meaning we’ll always get the same, old-school taste no matter where we go. While we’re obsessed with the crunchy peanut pancake, best had when warm, sometimes we crave the peanut butter version too. It’s a twist on the classic peanut flavour, slathered with creamy peanut butter that oozes out with each bite — just like how it would if you were having a pandan waffle — for an extra texture.

(Image credit: @tiara_star/Instagram)

531A Upper Cross Street, #02-39, Singapore 051531
Munchi Pancakes

Munchi Pancakes is one the most versatile min jiang kueh locales around, simply because they have a whole medley of fillings and kueh crusts that cater to generations both young and old. The original wedges of min jiang kueh come with flavours like peanut, coconut, red bean, black sesame, and biscoff, but if you like to have your childhood snack done a little differently, the Munchi Pancake pockets are packed with “new age” ingredients like Strawberry Cheese, Thai Milk Tea and Oreo Cheese.

(Image credit: @hellogermainee via Instagram)

Multiple locations
Tanglin Halt Original Peanut Pancake

Every bite of Tanglin Halt Original Peanut Pancake is a blast to the past. The batter from the min jiang kueh is hand-whipped daily to achieve a chewy texture before it’s packed with a generous serving of hand-roasted peanuts. A secret, aroma-inducing ingredient? The use of pure sugar cane sugar in the batter, results in a stickier, more addictive crust on the outside.

(Image credit: @wuarnieats via Instagram)

48A Tanglin Halt Rd, Singapore 148813
Ah Long Pancake

Ah, Long Pancake isn’t your typical min jiang kueh joint, and we’re not talking just about the fillings. It would be easier to call them min jiang kueh pizzas at this point since the pancakes are served flat in the container with the ingredients on full display. Here, savoury flavours are the star of the show, and the unexpected combination of Corn, Peanut with Egg is one of our personal favourites. A breakfast staple for us? The Egg, Cheese and Sausage, come together to create a sweet-savoury union that we can’t get enough of.

(Image credit: @hazeldiary_/Instagram)

Boon Lay Pl, #01-170 Boon Lay Shopping Centre, Blk 221, Singapore 640221
Mian Mian Bu Duan

While the kueh on display at Mian Mian Bu Duan Peanut Pancake may seem a little thinner than others on the list, they’re just as fluffy and cloud-like as the others on this list. Each slice is packed with a generous amount of filling, and this peanut pancake (and coconut pancake) is best had when warm. The most interesting item on the menu? The vegan cheese option.

(Image credit: @mianmianbuduan/Instagram)

163 Bukit Merah Central, #02-17, Bukit Merah Central Food Centre, Singapore 150163
Belinda’s Traditional Pancake

Using a recipe passed down from her father, Belinda serves these delicious traditional pancakes with a smile to customers daily. Dense, moist and packed with juicy coconut, crunchy peanut, or smooth red bean, these bites are truly one to remember. Besides the regular min jiang kueh, she also serves a crispy cone version that we love picking at on the go.

(Image credit: @julicyy via Instagram)

Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Stall No 01-27 Blk 341, Singapore 560341
Smile Martabak

Those with a sweet tooth will love the fun flavour combinations at Smile Martabak. The Halal-certified establishment offers an Indonesian take on this popular snack, with fillings such as chocolate cheese, pandan cheese, and red velvet Oreo stuffed between two beautifully honeycombed pancakes.

(Image credit: @jovi.eats/Instagram)

2 Orchard Turn, B4-62 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801
Ah Lock & Co

Besides their delicious, modern-style thunder tea rice, Ah Lock & Co is also known for their hearty portions of fluffy min jiang kueh. We like the Peanut version for its crunchy, savoury flavour, and the thick, slightly chunky Red Bean is also a must-order when we’re here.

(Image credit: @ahlocknco via Instagram)

7 Wallich St, #B2 - 22 / 23 / 24, Guoco Tower, Singapore 078884
The Pantree

It can be hard to find old-school snacks you know and love in a district that’s as modern as Singapore’s CBD, but The Pantree wants to help with your midday cravings. The pancakes here are made to order, but you’ll be hard-pressed to choose only one. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy the Nutella & Peanut or Speculoos option, but if you’re feeling peckish,  make a beeline for the savoury ones. The Chicken Floss & Egg, Luncheon Meat & Cheese, and Ham, Egg, and Cheese options are heartier pancakes that will keep you satiated for a few good hours.

(Image credit: @flyeetelfly)

5 Straits View, #B2, #24 The Heart, Marina One, 018935

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(Hero and featured image credit: @ahlocknco via Instagram)

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10 Best Places For The Fluffiest Min Jiang Kueh (Peanut Pancake) In Singapore

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