Best Bottles Of Indian Whiskey For Your Home Bar, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Spicy sips or experimental expressions — here's a look at the best Indian whiskeys for your home collection, based on your zodiac sign.

By Eshita Srinivas Published on Sep 15, 2023, 05:00 PM

From spicy sips crafted using time-honoured techniques to experimental expressions that give back to the environment — Indian single malts and blends are as diverse and exciting as they come. Naturally, narrowing down on one that’s bound to be the pride and joy of your home bar might become an exercise in exhaustion. Our recommendation? Taking cues from the cosmos. Here’s a look at the perfect homegrown whiskey for your on-the-rocks rituals, based on your zodiac sign.

In a country dubbed the world’s largest consumer of malted beverages, there’s no dearth of bottles to choose from. In fact, a quick visit to the liquor store will reveal a sea of expressions — single malts, blended Scotch, the whole shebang. Of these, some of the most exquisite are homegrown — paying homage to a rich cultural history and landscape while drawing from ancient techniques. These come from distillers young and old who have mastered the art of ambers — production to pour.

The flavours on offer are diverse, ranging from indulgent vanilla and dark chocolate to bold spice and smoke. This makes picking the perfect bottle for a home collection quite a tricky exercise. An easy solution? Turning to astrology. After all, the positions of the planets at the time of our births can determine our most dominant traits, in turn influencing our ideal jobs, relationship choices, and taste in ice-cream flavours. Here’s a look at the best Indian whiskey to invest in for your next sip, based on your zodiac sign.

Best Indian whiskeys for your bar, based on your zodiac sign

Aries: Kamet Single Malt

Aries is known to be bold and adventurous. Kamet Single Malt embodies this sign’s warmth, complexity, and passion for life. From the house of Peak Spirits — this smooth number boasts a vinous touch, courtesy of being aged in ex-French wine oak and historic ex-sherry casks (apart from ex-bourbon American oak). It’s distilled using six-row barley grown in the Himalayan foothills and is non-chill filtered. Every sip comes with notes of fruit, dark chocolate, vanilla, and oak. On the nose are hints of oak, raisins, and caramel. There’s a distinct hit of zesty spice with this one — something the spunky Aries would enjoy. The finish is warm and long. The whiskey is inspired by the ‘glacier of fire.’ If that doesn’t represent and entice this wildfire sign, we don’t know what will.

Taurus: GianChand

Taurus is known to be practical, homely, and traditional. This sign would see GianChand — promising quality as well as ‘bottled flawlessness’ — as a dependable, classic choice. This whiskey comes from a brand that boasts over 60 years of production experience and is distilled in Jammu. It’s a nod to the founder Dewan Gian Chand as well as local traditions and folklore. Every sip sings with notes of candy, white pepper, vanilla, and bitter chocolate. On the nose are hints of gingerbread, prunes, and apricots. This one’s complex and elegant — just like Taurus.

Gemini: Paul John Mithuna

Geminis are known to be social and free-spirited. Paul John Mithuna represents this air sign’s layered personality and was crafted as a part of the brand’s zodiac series to embody Geminis (Mithuna in India). Aged in American virgin oak casks and finished in former bourbon cases — this amber features dry tannins with balanced notes of mocha and delicate oils. Every sip is an exciting medley of flavours — persimmon, spice, coffee, orange — which will keep this otherwise easily bored zodiac sign on its toes. Not to mention, it’s complex and vibrant — just like Geminis.

Cancer: Woodburns Whisky

Cancers are known to be comfort-seeking and affectionate. Woodburns’ delightfully warm, indulgent quality will make them feel right at home. Crafted by Fullarton Distilleries, the blended number is aged in handcrafted charred oak barrels and spotlights indigenous ingredients. The pour is dark with notes of dark chocolate, wood, and smoke on the nose. Every sip, meanwhile, is nutty with a subtle sweetness. Besides the drinking experience being reminiscent of a cosy night in, the bottle hails from the tropical paradise that is Goa — both factors this sea-loving, homebody of a water sign would be drawn to.

Leo: Rampur Double Cask

Leos are known to be bold, traditional, and the royalty of the zodiac. Rampur Double Cask embodies this sign’s regal, elegant nature. With over 75 years of production to its name — the brand pays homage to yesteryear Indian kings and queens. Hand-crafted, non-filtered, and aged in American bourbon barrels and European oak sherry casks — this bottle boasts delicate and smooth sips. Every sip sings with notes of tropical fruits, rich sherry, and oak. The finish is long. This whiskey makes a statement — something this spotlight-loving fire sign would enjoy displaying in its home bar. Nothing but luxury for this sophisticated zodiac sign.

Virgo: Godawan

Virgos are known to be grounded and hardworking. The perfectionists in them would appreciate the ‘exceptional craftsmanship’ of Godawan. The artisanal amber features locally sourced six-row barley that’s matured at temperatures up to 100 degrees F. It’s then finished in casks that are curated with Indian botanicals Rasna and Jatamansi. Every sip sings with notes of spice, flowers, and fruits. There are distinctive wood notes in this whiskey — perfectly representing this earth sign’s element. Not to mention, it pays homage to the endangered Great Indian Bustard and follows a production method that conserves water — factors the eco-conscious warriors of the zodiac would appreciate.

Libra: Longitude 77

Libras are known to be free-spirited and charming. Longitude 77 — carefully crafted in small batches and boasting ‘unparalleled luxury’ — mirrors this zodiac sign’s sophistication. The bottle is a work of art, featuring a stamp with the map of India as well as the colour indigo which was found in the country — something this art aficionado of an air sign would enjoy. Every sip is rich and mellow, singing with notes of vanilla, fruit, and oak. Perfectly balanced and smooth — just like the harmonious Libras — this new whiskey is one for the home bar.

Scorpio: Amrut Greedy Angels 12 Years Old – Chairman’s Reserve

Scorpios are known to be passionate and adventurous. Amrut Greedy Angels 12 Years Old — Chairman’s Reserve is as bold and complex as this water sign. The luxury amber sings with notes of tropical fruit, nuts, vanilla, cocoa, orange, and caramel in every sip. The finish, meanwhile, is long. The whiskey is packaged in a crystal decanter with gold engraving, making it quite the elegant addition to a home bar. That aside, it boasts a whopping 60 percent ABV — making it strong and punchy like Scorpios. In fact, the experience of savouring this whiskey promises to be intense — just how this zodiac sign would like it.

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Sagittarius: Solan Gold

Sagittarius is known to be adventurous, free-spirited, and inquisitive. Solan Gold’s rich history — which dates back 150 years to one of the oldest distilleries in India — will appeal to this culture vulture of the zodiac. Crafted in copper pot stills with the finest barley and Himalayan spring water, this whisky is aged in virgin American oak casks. Every sip is rich, full, and warm with notes of spice and toffee. The finish, meanwhile, is long and smooth. Despite being popular in connoisseur circles — this whiskey does not rely on advertising and is still deemed a rare gem. A conversation starter of a bottle that the social Sagittarius would enjoy taking to a party.

Capricorn: Indri Trini

Capricorns are known to be pragmatic and hardworking. This earth sign’s grounded and complex nature is well represented by the three-wood, layered single malt Indri Trini. Distilled near the Himalayan Foothills, it features six-row barley grown for hundreds of years in Rajasthan which is manually harvested and selected for malting before being fermented and aged in three types of casks — ex-bourbon, ex-French wine, and sherry. On the nose are hints of black tea, caramelised pineapple, vanilla, honey, raisin, and oak. On the palate are hints of nuts and wood. The smooth number comes from one of India’s largest producers of whiskey — making it a classic choice for the quality-seeking zodiac sign.

Aquarius: Amrut Spectrum

Aquarius is known to be progressive and creative. Amrut Spectrum is as innovative as this air sign. Dubbed the world’s first-ever multi-wood barrel single malt, this whiskey is aged for three years in traditional ex-Bourbon barrels before being transferred to a custom-made cask featuring a mix of American Oak, new Spanish oak, ex-PX sherry cask, new French Oak, and ex-Oloroso sherry staves. The payoff? Notes of caraway, anise, dried fruit, Christmas pudding, sticky toffee, sandalwood, and vanilla coconut cream. The finish is hot, warm, and sweet. The bottle is vibrant and fun — just like Aquarius.

Pisces: Paul John Nirvana

Pisces is known to be romantic and sensitive. Paul John Nirvana is as sweet as this sign. The name translates to a place of peace and happiness — something that the imaginative Pisces would enjoy dreaming of. The unpeated single malt pours a deep copper and sings with notes of honeycomb, fruitcake, and caramel on the nose. Every sip, meanwhile, comes with hints of apples, raisins, and apricots. The finish is long. A bottle of this whiskey is easy to find across Goa (where it’s produced) — a seaside destination that this zodiac sign represented by the water would never tire of being in.


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