7 Incredible Attractions At ICONSIAM That Will Amaze You

There’s no denying: Bangkok is home to a plethora of shopping centres and malls. But to talk about the city’s — if not the entire region’s — true epicentre of lifestyle, all arrows seem to point to the majestic ICONSIAM.

Co-established by three of Thailand’s most budding business companies: Siam Piwat, MQDC Magnolia Quality Development Corporation, and Charoen Pokphand Group, ICONSIAM is a world-class lifestyle and shopping destination that truly showcases the country’s novel rise as a global retail leader. It weaves modern luxury with Thai wisdom and a way of life, on the banks of the Chao Phraya River.

Since its grand opening back in November 2018, ICONSIAM has been the city’s haven for shopping and leading lifestyle where patrons are guaranteed to get the best experience Thailand has to offer thanks to the long list of internationally-recognised brands to allure visitors and shoppers.

Setting itself apart from typical shopping malls with only high-end and international brands, ICONSIAM is an all-around hub for locally-made products and handicrafts, as well as renowned global brands.

Not only is ICONSIAM anchored by designer and artisanal brands, but the venue also hosts a repertoire of must-visit attractions and must-try restaurants. It’s a big lure that’s hard to resist if you are a true foodie or a sightseeing lover. Here, we’ve mapped out a list of cool attractions and drool-inducing dining spots you shouldn’t miss out on when at ICONSIAM. Let’s hop to it.

Things you must check out at ICONSIAM

An all-round hub for Thai foodstuffs, handicrafts, and products gathered from across four regions of Thailand, SookSiam sits on the ground floor of ICONSIAM and will take you on a tour of around 77 provinces in just a stroll. For Thai regional cuisines in a down-to-earth ambience, SookSiam is still definitely your call, with a lineup of renowned street food vendors.

Themed to be like a miniature version of Thai local villages from four regions adorned with Thai arts throughout, there’s everything from Northern to Southern street food, local crafts and treasures, and live-cooking stations. There’s also a Thai floating market complete with waterways and little bridges. Why be out in the sun when ICONSIAM can offer you the best of Thailand in this very unique indoor market-like experience?

10am - 10pm

Quite possibly one of the most stand-out features of ICONSIAM, brace yourself for the longest and greatest dancing fountain show in Southeast Asia. The ICONIC Multimedia Water Features compose one of the seven wonders of ICONSIAM, situated at River Park by the riverfront. The purely theatrical fountain combines vivacious elements of water, light, music, and multimedia, as the water shoots up as high as 400 metres. Motion pictures in 2D, 3D, and 4D (!) are displayed on the water, making this a true spectacle for anyone who visits. There are four performances daily at River Park, G Floor, ICONSIAM at 4:30 pm, 6:30 pm, 8 pm and 9 pm.

6.30 pm, 8pm, 9pm

Translating closely to “magnificent” from Thai, Alangkarn is an Eden of eateries on the 6th floor. It is bedecked beautifully with Thai rice farm accents and a spectacular waterfall. It also features over 30 dining venues and 10 artful pavilions with striking designs created by Thai leading artists. Within each one also resides a selection of restaurants, spanning varied cuisines including an array of Asian fare and also Western-themed restaurants. The iconic 15-meter tall waterfall, however, stands as the landmark of Alangkarn. The flowing water from the ceiling is said to be a metaphor for rain, blessing the land of Thailand.

For those who are cruising the streets looking for the best Thai eats in town, Alangkarn Dining Zone is the place to be. Thip Samai Pad Thai Pratu Pi (as known as Ghost Gate Pad Thai) situated within an elegant rice grain-shaped pavilion is renowned for cooking up one of the best Pad Thais in town. The otherwise street-side Pad Thai restaurant also gets a luxe upgrade that is highly ‘grammable — and very delicious. Another must-try is Luk Kai Thong and its bright golden egg-shaped setting, and extensive menu that is also a sure win if you love good old Thai staple dishes.

Tasana Nakorn Terrace is where good food meets a good view: welcome to the section of rooftop bars and restaurants on the 6th floor at ICONSIAM. Made up of Fallabella River Front on the one side, and HOBS perched on the other, you’ll find both food and drink in abundance with a skyline view. Whether you have a full dinner or a mere nightcap, the vibes here are unbeatable.

10am - 12am

Not only does ICONSIAM is leading lifestyle centre, but the riverside mall also acts as cultural heritage – evidenced clearly in the golden pillars situated within the ICONLUXE building. Designed by Professor Preecha Thaothong, an artist specialising in painting and sculpture who was awarded to be Thailand’s National Artist of 2009, the four 16 metre-tall golden pillars entitled “Light of Wisdom” tell a tale of history in Asia divided into eras: Ban Chiang, Funan, Nanchao, Tharawadee, Sriwijaya, Chiang Saen, Sukhothai, Ayudhya, and Rattanakosin.

The pillars engraved with artistic pattern in shades of gold and black bring out Thai sophisticated splendour and are reminiscent of the long-gone history.

Stroll through the ICONSIAM Park on the 2nd floor to catch a front-row glimpse of the Chao Phraya River. The riverfront park perched on the terrace laid before the Apple Store, The Selected and CAZH is great as a leg-resting spot after an intensive shopping session inside the mall.

The park, apart from being decked with greenery, features a showcase of sculptures curated by The Bangkok Sculpture Center, with the goal of manifesting and placing Thai artwork on an Asian — if not the world — stage. Be here to appreciate art as well as snapping a perfect shot for your feed.

But as for Apple aficionados: here’s a door to discover your next best technological purchase. Known to be Thailand’s first-ever Apple Store, the massive tech hub invites visitors to test-drive services and explore the latest products, all while receiving advice and knowledge from those infamous Apple experts. The store boasts a prime location within ICONSIAM, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls and two floors, all overlooking a terrace before the Chao Phraya River and the cityscape. It comes as no surprise that the Apple Store at ICONSIAM is commonly ranked as Asia’s #1 and the World’s #4 most beautiful Apple Store.

Mon to Sat, 10am - 10pm
Sun, 9:30am - 11pm

Recently launched at ICONSIAM on 30 November 2019, the Finland-originated indoor activity centre, SuperPark, is now ready to grace Bangkok with unlimited fun for all ages and tastes with over 25 fun-filled activities available through their 40,000-square foot space. The outlet is divided into three different areas according to activities: Adventure Area, Game Arena and Freestyle Hall.

For parents and young children looking to create a memorable family day, opt for The Adventure Area with entertainment programs like iTeacher·Lü (interactive edutainment games), Flying Fox (zip wires), Tube Slide (giant slide), Kid’s Adventure City (play tower), and more. For Fitness buffs who like active yet fun activities, the Game Arena with activities like SuperTennis, Baseball 2.0, and Street Basketball should be your move.

For more exciting programs, head to the Freestyle Hall for Skate and Scoot World, Trampoline Platform, SuperBoxer (AI boxing), or the augmented SuperSki and Ice Skating.

For those who are after a place to keep you mentally and physically happy and energised, SuperPark offers something to stir an emotion in every one of all generations.

Adventurous souls who are cruising the streets looking for a legit lifestyle spot in town, ICONSIAM is an all-around wonderland for shopping, dining, appreciating Thai cultural heritage and all types of entertainment that will cater to everyone’s tastes, ages, and personalities.

You can also easily get to ICONSIAM by BTS. Hop out at Saphan Thaksin BTS Station Exit 2 and get a free shuttle boat which will drop you right off at the pier in front of ICONSIAM. You can also get off at Krung Thon Buri BTS Station Exit 1 and get a free shuttle bus to the mall.

10am - 10pm

IconSiam’s luxury section is called IconLuxe. This is a very premium shopping area, as seen by the several high-end labels like Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Bvlgari, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, etc.  There are numerous mid-market brands, such as Victoria’s Secret, Uniqlo, Zara, and H&M, in addition to luxury names. The H&M outlet is a tall, three-story building with a nearly entirely curved glass exterior that gives it a stylish and visually pleasant appearance.

Siam Takashimaya, the first in Thailand, is unquestionably your best option for the finest Japanese shopping experience. Seven floors of cosmetics, lifestyle goods, clothing for men and women, accessories, and more will be housed in this venerable department store.

Be prepared to spend a whole day visiting the area, which is home to Cosme, Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza, and a variety of high-end restaurants and beverage options.