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JAL rebrands to mark "fresh start"


Published on Jan 19, 2011

The JAL Group (JAL) will today adopt a new corporate policy and announced its decision to change its logo from 1 April 2011; symbolizing a fresh start for the troubled airline group.
As predicted in today's TDA (19 January), the airline will readopt its Japanese red-crown crane logo, with its wings extended in full flight - an auspicious icon of Japan said to represent the high spirits of the Japanese people and their attention to detail. First registered as a trademark of JAL in August 1959, the circular crane mark was painted on the entire fleet during the period of JAL's international network expansion. It stayed a main feature of the JAL livery for more than 40 years and became the image associated the airline across the globe.

In a statement, JAL said; "Bearing this mark on its aircraft, JAL displayed the uniqueness and progress of Japan to the world and it often invoked a sense of pride and familiarity in many Japanese as well as its loyal customers. The symbol of the crane has come to be associated with the nation's distinct hallmarks of pristine quality and reliability. For customers, JAL is determined to safeguard these values of the Japanese culture and to continue reflecting its quintessential hospitality from the heart in the airline's authentic services - a promise that is now embodied in the Group's new corporate policy unveiled today."

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