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Soneva Kiri offers 'Treepod Dining'


Published on Dec 3, 2010

Dining at Soneva Kiri by Six Senses is anything but ordinary and has now been taken to new heights, with the recently launched Treepod Dining experience. 

The Treepod is situated at one of the best vantage points the resort offers; a few yards along the coastal path from the resort’s main facilities on the west facing side of the island.   Guests board the rattan, bird’s nest at ground level and are taken to new heights.  With sumptuous, cushioned seating for up to four diners, guests fasten their leather seatbelts and are gently hoisted 16 feet into the tall, native massang trees.  As the pod slowly climbs into the trees, and the rocky shores slowly descend, their host Khun Lek simultaneously flies through the air on a zip line coming from a small platform perched half way down the hill. Once Khun Lek has served the meal, he zips back up the hill, discreetly positioned a few feet away in case guests wish to add to their order.

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