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World Expo pavilions may be preserved


Published on Nov 12, 2010

China Pavilion among 10 that may be maintained…

Some of the pavilions displayed at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai may be preserved, Xinhua reported an event offi cial as saying yesterday. Yu Zhengsheng, First Deputy Director of the Expo’s organising committee, told reporters in the host city that while most pavilions would be dismantled, Expo organisers were discussing plans to keep some of the attractions. “If some countries are willing to donate their pavilions to the Expo’s organisers, and if we believe those pavilions are worthy of being preserved, we’ll talk about that,” Yu was reported saying. “We have organised experts to give evaluations about those pavilions to decide whether they have the value and possibility of being preserved.” The preservation of pavilions would depend not only on their attractiveness, but also their structural integrity and foundations. According to the Expo’s organisers, several pavilions had been built as permanent structures from the beginning, including the China Pavilion, the seashell-shaped Expo Culture Center, and the Expo Center. Yu added that “more than 10 pavilions” may be preserved, although he did not specify which. One aspect of the event that will defi nitely live on is the Expo Museum. The museum, which has received almost 5,000 exhibits from participating nations, will remain operational at the site in Shanghai’s Puxi district.

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