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Revealed - the strangest items stolen from hotel rooms


Published on Sep 13, 2010

We’ve all done it; whether accidentally or not, everyone has pocketed a bottle of shower gel, or maybe even a pair of slippers, from a hotel room. New research from however, has revealed that some customers take these innocent little light fingered episodes to a whole new level. According to the report, there are hotels that have seen a shoe rack disappear, or even the sliding door from the wardrobe. In one case a man dressed as a workman stole a grand piano from the hall, managing to carry out the theft totally undisturbed. Also high on the list of unusual thefts are electronic goods; incidents of stealing a telephone (even though it won’t work outside the hotel), and a plasma screen TV pale in comparison to one report of a guest trying to get away with a 130kg air-conditioning unit. But best of all is the man who stole a stuffed boar head; however he did have the courtesy to return it to the hotel.

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