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Tourists give Thailand thumbs-up


Published on Jul 22, 2010

According to a survey by Asia Web Direct, visitors to Thailand felt as safe in their trips during the recent political protests as they usually do when travelling in the country.

Of the 400 travellers surveyed, 91% felt safe during their latest trip, a small drop of 4% from usual estimates. More than half the respondents (56%) also said they had never seen any danger while visiting Thailand, even at the height of the protests. Four out of five said they enjoyed their trip, and almost all (99%) are open to visiting Thailand again. Despite the negative press, more than 60% said the protests had not affected their travel itinerary. Out of those who had changed their plans; avoiding areas affected by the protests, changing hotels, postponing their holiday or shortening their trip were common courses of action. Neither did the protests change the attitudes of 60% of the travellers who participated in the survey, saying Bangkok’s reputation as a safe and appealing destination remained intact.

Matthew Varley, Bangkok-based Executive General Manager Asia at Asia Web Direct’s parent company Wotif Group, said; “Thailand has gone through a rough patch recently and it’s had an undeniable effect on tourism. It’s heartening to see that visitors from across the world are throwing their support behind the country by indicating they think it’s safe to visit, and that they’re keen to return.”  According to Varley, Asia Web Direct has already seen an increase in bookings to Thailand since the protests came to a head in May.

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