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Thailand spearheads rehab tourism


Published on Jul 14, 2010

Rehabilitation tourism is the latest niche to hit Thailand’s health tourism market. With internationally recognised hospitals and wellness centres, Thailand has a strong grip on international health tourism.  Building on this reputation, a small number of entrepreneurs are integrating Thailand’s competitive advantage in the global healthcare market, into drug and alcohol rehabilitation services at remote resorts in the Thai countryside.

As the trend catches on, service providers have to grow quickly to keep up with demand. But they do not allow this to compromise the quality of service which is on par with celebrity-choice facilities in Hollywood and London. In fact many high profile figures have chosen to go to Thailand and overcome their addictions.

What sets these centres apart is the gentle approach they take to rehab. The facilities resemble five-star resorts, offer spa treatments and provide a standard of care which matches the best facilities elsewhere in the world.  The soft approach is not only attractive to addicts, but achieves course completion rates of up to 90%, a rare achievement by any standard. With programme completion directly associated with recovery, these programmes are effective and cheap.

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