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World Expo organiser to rearrange exhibits


Published on Jun 3, 2010

Organisers of the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai are looking at rearranging and simplifying some of the event’s exhibits in an effort to ease visitor flow and boost attendancefi gures. Hong Hao, Director General of the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Co-ordination, told reporters this week that there were areas of the Expo site that needed reorganising, due to the popularity of certain pavilions. Reported by the Shanghai Daily, Hong said that organisers hadn’t forecast that certain pavilions, such as Saudi Arabia and Japan, would attract such huge crowds. He said this has led to an imbalance, with other pavilions drawing fewer visitors.

Overcrowding shouldn’t be a problem for the Expo site. It has a daily capacity of 600,000 people, but the maximum daily attendance so far has been just 503,600, recorded on 29 May. In fact the event has only attracted 8.01 million visitors since it opened on 1 May. If this level of attendance is repeated of the remaining five months of the Expo, the event will attract close to 50 million visitors – a long way short of organisers’ target of 70 million attendees.

37 million tickets are reported to have been sold so far. On the financial side, the organiser has reportedly earned CNY5 billion (US$731 million) thus far, mostly from ticket sales. This too needs to be pushed further if the Expo is to break even, with total construction and operations reported to cost CNY10.6 billion. To attract more guests, and ease traffic flow, the organiser is also urging the purchase of night tickets. The majority of guests are reported to be leaving the Expo after 5pm.

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