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Airbus to Stop Producing the Mighty A380

February 18, 2019

Published on Feb 18, 2019

Maarten Visser

On February 14th, 2019, Airbus confirmed that production of the A380 airline— the world’s largest passenger jet— will come to an end by 2021.

The famously massive plane debuted in 2005 and is capable of carrying more than 850 passengers. There is ample space for not only seats, but also onboard amenities like showers and a lounge. But the opulent plane has been more popular with passengers than airlines. 

As the dominant trend became smaller planes and more budget airlines cropped up, dropping US$445 million for a jet— the A380’s price— that carries more than 500 people made little economic sense. 

Emirates, Airbus’s main customer for the aircraft, reduced its order of 53 A380s to 14.

“As a result of this decision we have no substantial A380 backlog and hence no basis to sustain production, despite all our sales efforts with other airlines in recent years,” Airbus CEO Tom Enders said in a statement. “This leads to the end of A380 deliveries in 2021.”

The aircraft will still be used by airlines like Singapore Airlines, Emirates, ANA, Air France and British Airways.


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