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Singapore's Transportation System Was Just Declared Among the Best in the World

August 24, 2018

Published on Aug 24, 2018

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residents are highly satisfied with the public transport system, which is among the best in the world, based on a report by consulting firm McKinsey.

The June report, called Elements Of Success: Urban Transportation Systems Of 24 Global Cities, also lauded the transport system's affordability and efficiency.

The level of satisfaction with the public transport situation in Singapore was 86 per cent among those surveyed, added the report.

"The residents greatly appreciate their transport system and how it has evolved over the last (few) years - they are the most satisfied on 13 out of 14 aspects analysed," said the report. It added that electronic services such as trip planners are what residents in Singapore enjoy most.

The 24 major cities featured in the report include Shanghai, London, Seoul and New York, and were selected based on size, level of economic development, transportation system characteristics and data availability.

Four of them - Berlin, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore - were chosen because their transportation systems are considered outstanding by external institutions such as the TomTom Traffic Index.


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