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Bangkokians Concerned Over Air Pollution Levels

February 5, 2017

Published on Feb 5, 2018

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The amount of fine particulate matter in the air reached unhealthy levels in many areas of Bangkok on Monday, and the readings were rising, the Pollution Control Department warned. 

Fine particles 25 microns or less in diameter accumulated 63-82 microgrammes per cubic metre of air, well above the safe level of 50 microgrammes per cubic metre. 

The unhealthy levels were recorded at all four of the department's air quality monitoring stations in Bangkok - with readings of 68 microgrammes in Wang Thonglang district, 82 microgrammes on Intarapitak... 

The level of pollution was rising at all the locations, the department said. 

The problem was caused by the cold weather and lack of wind, which trapped exhaust emissions in the city environs. 




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